The Europa League Thread


That’s a funny draw!


We don’t stand a fucking chance of winning this.


Time to take it seriosuly and not being arrogant with it, but Wenger…


Even if we take it seriously we won’t win it. Atletico have their shit together now, plus we will probably struggle against smaller teams.


I agree 100 % with this, but it still should be our no 1 priority.


That Swedish pub team will put us out


I do fear we are playing today’s team in Sweden. Not looking good.


We should play our strongest team in Europa, it’s our last shot


This is our strongest team :rofl:


We’ll have Ozil and Ramsey back for then


No Ozil and Koscielny, tbh.


Not much of a different. He’s shit now


I disagree. At least I don’t think it’s the best combination we could be playing with what we do have.


Lol! Our odds have collapsed. We aren’t favourites anymore :neutral_face:


Hilarious that they have us at 2nd favourites, I’d go with something closer to 5th or 6th. We should get used to those numbers.


Our odds didn’t collapse, as soon as Atletico were demoted from the CL they became favourites, we had the shortest price before they were in the mix.

Europa league is priced quite imperfectly but that’s normal given how unpredictable it is. They’ve just used club ranking for the most part.


Who are the 5 or 6 or rate above us? I seem to remember you putting us even lower in list of favourites recently, though that could be someone else and I’m mistaken.


I’d make Athletico Madrid, Napoli and Dortmund the standouts with the winner likely to come from them. Zenit seem a dangerous prospect, I’d put us in a secondary group with them, Lazio, Red Bull, Lyon, Atalanta, but certainly not head and shoulders above anyone in that group


BVB? Have you watched them lately?.


Napoli are focused on winning the league and Dortmund are awful.