The Europa League Thread


We are getting Steaua, imo.


Lol u guys are lame, I love all our players and Theo killed it today, in the matches we didnt have Theo in the EL we struggled, in the matches where he plays he scores and or assists, deny it all you want but those are the facts haters.


I think we’ll get Real Sociopath. Do they still have Vela and Fran Merida?


Vela is leaving in january for the Europa League and Merida plays for Osasuna in Segunda Division.


I’d take Ludogorets because of the nostalgia of Ozil’s goal v them


Nah, the reason a lot of people wanted to be in the Europa League was because it is “different”. Don’t want to play a team who we played twice last year.

Give us Celtic!


paleeeeease for the love of god can we not have Dortmund, fucking sick and tired of getting Barca, Bayern and Dortmund in europe!


I’d pay good fucking money for Arsenal vs Copenhagen, that would be bloody sick.


Apart from Laca and Xahka.


I like Laca tbh, Xhaka tho is so bad.



Anyone but Marseille. Boring club.


I’ve decided Celtic is the Tie I’d choose, short travel and very winnable Tie.


Watch us get Dortmund or Napoli; written in the stars.


Give us Spartak Moskva. If Lolpool can do 7-0…We might be able to snatch a 2-1 over two legs.


We’re gonna get Dortmund


Just shut up, you travel hipster.


What time is the draw? Usually it starts at 12


12:00 UK time so probs 13:00 for you?


On Monday.