The Europa League Thread


Sociedad or Bilbao would be nice, can’t remember the last time we played either one?


If this competition is to have any legitimacy we’re going to have to beat a couple of these better teams on the way to the trophy so I don’t really care if it’s sooner or later. Playing good teams is exciting and I’ll look forward to two legs against Napoli far more than two legs against AEK.

Much rather knock out the good teams earlier and have an easier semis and final because I wouldn’t trust this team in a European final or even semis with the pressure building.


I see what you’re saying but I’m not sure. Man U played mostly dross last year, they won it and now they’re back in the CL, in a couple of years nobody will remember who they played on the way just that they won it.

They’ve actually got quite a rich history in Europe anyway compared to us, I feel like whoever we play the EL will be legit and a fairly big deal for us if we manage to win it.

Basically I’d much prefer it if Napoli and Atletico weren’t in it. Dortmund I don’t care about, we’ve always been basically fine against them even when they were a good side, they seem a pale imitation now and I think we’d do them.


The biggest scalps Napoli has gotten this season are those of Shaktar and Roma…I think they are being overestimated a little bit.

Apart of Atletico we should be fine against any team in the Europa League.


This is the key bit. “Should be.” This is Arsenal we are talking about. We are the architects of our own downfall.

I’d rather play absolute trash than face anyone half decent.


Quite the contrary for me, I am less confident with this team in terms of journey however for the finals, they have proven themselves in recent years.


Usually we have been very solid against what you could consider Europa League competition in the CL. Except for that collective brain-fart in the 3-0 against Monaco. But yeah. as soon as there are serious stakes involved Arsenal trembles (15/16 :sob:).


Tonight’s game is so irrelevant that no one has even started a matchday thread for it.

Isn’t this Europa League malarkey great fun? :rofl:


Anyone want to buy 2 cheap tickets for tonight off me? £30 for the pair. I can’t make it and would like the seats filled!


Fuck me i was thinking I was going crazy. I was so sure we were playing tonight but saw no match day thread :joy:


Good luck with that. I’ve seen hundreds of people on Twitter trying to get rid of their tickets – some are even giving them away.

Apparently we’ve sold 50,000, it’ll be interesting to see how many of them show up.


I’d like to win, as winning the group with just 10 points and 2 defeats would be so comical.


I guess no one really cares about our game today.


Where am I meant to announce MDC is open without a thread?!


Lol what time is the match?


I do care. Winning is always good.


Dinamo Kiev up against Partizan.
Milan losing against Rijeka! :arteta:

1-0 Rijeka. Great goal!

1-0 Atalanta! Petagnone :giroud: Basaksehir up as well.


When are we actually playing?


1-0 Dinamo

1-0 Basaksehir


It should be an easy win.
I’ll go at least 4-0, Giroud, Walcott and Wilshere to score.