The Europa League Thread


Wtf american football in the uni?? Lol random, but if you ever make it to the US the best sporting event you can go to is a college football game, insane atmosphere and better quality football than the pros.


I still have the poms poms and outfit - I dig it out on special occasions :wink:






I’m in the future now and enjoy what I do, so… :thinking:


I wish someone had told me that the first time I went to uni


Astana-Villareal 2-3. Villareal are qualified.


I’m supporting FC Zlin tonight, after only discovering their existence three weeks ago.

I’ve been doing some research on them. They have a tiny stadium, they will soon be celebrating their 100th birthday, they play in yellow and they have players called Dame Diop and Pablo Podio. I love a bit of alliteration. What’s not to like?!


Penalty to Nice. 1-0 Balotelli.
Hertha, Vitesse, Lokomotiv Moscow, Red Bull and Zenit are all up.
2-0 Nice and 1-1 Copenaghen.
Bilbao equalize against Hertha.
Well it didn’t last long. Hertha up again.
Ostersunds up! If they win they are qualified!
Lazio equalize and 2-0 Zenit.
2-0 Red Bull right at the end of the first half.
Lugano, Lokomotiv Moscow and Plzen up.
Penalty to Bilbao. 2-2.
3-0 Red Bull.
Wow Ostersunds! 2-0!
Zulte pull one back.
Penalty to Konyaspor. 1-0 to the turkish side.


The absolute lack of creativity in our second string/behind Ozil and Sanchez blows my mind.


We are missing Walcott :wink: :mustafi:


3-2 Bilbao.
Game probably over in Nice. 3-1.
Sociedad score right at the end.
Vardar pull one back. Too little, too late.
Marseille equalize.
Red Bull win their group, while Real Sociedad and Ostersunds are qualified.


Rijeka and Braga already up.
Get in Atalanta! Everton :arteta:
Partizan and Sheriff also take the lead.
Dinamo Kyiv up, but Skenderbeu equalize shortly after.
Austria Wien up! Milan run the risk of getting eliminated now. Bonucci :mustafi:
1-0 Basaksehir.
Austria Wien close to the 2nd! Milan in meltdown.


Mental. :giroud3:


2-0 Rijeka and 1-1 Milan with Rodriguez.
Lyon up and Basaksehir score the 2nd.
Lyon make it 2.
What a fluke by Andrè Silva! 2-1 Milan!
Austria Wien are shit, tbh. 3-1 Cutrone.
Slavia Prague up.
AEK pull one back before HT.
Atalanta miss a penalty with Gomez.
2-1 Partizan. Skenderbeu also up.
2-0 Slavia Prague.
3-1 Skenderbeu. Dinamo have just given up.
2-2 AEK.
Cristante again! 2-0 Atalanta!
Ludogorets pull one back.
3-0 Lyon. Atalanta-Lyon will decide the 1st spot.
Andrè Silva with a brace. 4-1 Milan. Another quite lucky goal.
Everton score.
Hoffenheim equalizes. They still need to win though.
Braga up again.
3-1 Atalanta! I am seriously thinking they are going to get relegated. They are just shit.
4-1 lollllllllll! :mustafi: Dinamo Kiev pull one back.
Lyon respond to Atalanta. 4-0.
A brace for Cutrone as well.
3-1 Braga.
Partizan, Braga, Atalanta and Lyon are qualified.


Bonucci man wtf is that?


Quality nutmeg tbh


Bonucci without a good organization is exposed as a fraud.




Meaningless stat, where’s the relevance towards now that they won Europa League 8 years ago?