The Europa League Thread



Cantona’s kick!


It’s not like I sat at the front of the class and bought the teachers apples.

I liked learning and wanted a good education and good grades in order to get into uni. Sorry if that offends anyone.


Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll? It is about studying to have a future.


Yep. And I was a cheerleader at uni. I get my cool points from that :sunglasses:


Potentially…Who or what were you cheering? :smiley:


Preach it :nerd_face:


Haha. The American football team - we had a pretty good team. We used to enter our own cheerleading and dance competitions too.


2-2 Cologne. They are fighting back.
Penalty to Rosenborg. 1-0.



Karateka :smile:
4-1 Plzen and game over.


Did you go to college in the states or is there some underground US inspired subculture going on in UK colleges?


Ha, I went over here. It’s actually really popular. A lot of universities have an American football team and cheerleaders. There is a league, the games were played every Sunday morning. If it was an away game up north we’d be up at 5/6am. That was the non-fun part of it.


3-2 Cologne! Wow!


Yeah both Exeter and Bristol have American football teams too. Surprisingly big here in the UK university system.


Group J as is… :eyes:


2 mins later…that pic is out of date. :rofl:


2-0 Real Sociedad and 1-0 Bilbao.
Hertha and Waregem score the 2nd.
4-2 Cologne, 1-0 Guimares and 3-0 Real Sociedad.
5-2 Cologne!
Lazio take the lead right at the end and win their group.
1-1 Zenit.


Nobody is offended lol, it was your decision but I personally wasn’t in to all that as it was repetitive and boring, but I done OK


I thought this was gonna be a decent one… :eyes::rofl:


Pics or didnt happen

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