The Europa League Thread


First half’s results:

Atalanta 1-0 up. Ilicic’s penalty.
Copenaghen-Zlin 1-0
AEK-Milan 0-0
Basaksehir-Hoffenheim 0-0
Lione-Everton 0-0
Lokomotiv Moscow-Sheriff 1-1
Ludogorets-Braga 0-0
Maccabi Tel Aviv-Astana 0-0
Partizan-Skenderbeu 1-0
Rijeka-Austria Wien 0-1
Slavia Prague-Villareal 0-1
Young Boys-Dinamo Kiev 0-0

2-0 Copenaghen and 1-0 Hoffenheim.
Astana up against Maccabi.
Rijeka equalize against Austria Wien. They need a win now, as AEK are drawing.
Austria Wien up again! :arteta: Sheriff up as well.
Atalanta controlling the game without any problem.
Ludogorets take the lead against Braga, while Partizan score the second.


Everton went 67mins without conceding…Progress. :stuck_out_tongue:

Look at that defending though…


Apart from the terrible defence, Pickford got caught in no man’s land.

If you’re going sweeper keeper you go full sweeper keeper.


Everton are a mess.
Austria Wien kill the game off and Young Boys are losing.


Great finish by Lyon that one.


2-0 Lyon :arteta:
Austria Wien hammering Rijeka now. 4-1. 1-1 Braga.


To be out after 4 games is actually a new low for English team shiteness in this competition.


Every game week when I look at the Europa League fixtures, I manage to find a team who I swear aren’t a real thing. This week it’s Zlin. Google tells me they finished 6th in the Czech league. We are in a competition with the 6th best team in the Czech Republic. Something to tick off the bucket list.


They are a beer.

Everton down to 10 men and Villareal score the 2nd.
3-0 Copenaghen.


Pickford showing why he aint a 30mil keeper. You NEVER come half way then stop as a keeper. Either stay at home or go all the way.


Atalanta FFS! 1-1!

Final results:

Apollon-Atalanta 1-1
Copenaghen-Zlin 3-0
AEK-Milan 0-0
Basaksehir-Hoffenheim 1-1
Lione-Everton 3-0.
Lokomotiv Moscow-Sheriff 1-2
Ludogorets-Braga 1-1
Maccabi Tel Aviv-Astana 0-1
Partizan-Skenderbeu 2-0
Rijeka-Austria Wien 1-4
Slavia Prague-Villareal 0-2
Young Boys-Dinamo Kiev 0-1. Dinamo are qualified.



no. sounds like whoever wrote that tweet is a fucking nerd.


Hey, nothing wrong with being a nerd. Going to Staples before every school year was one of my favourite things to do. Even now I love stationery :sunglasses:


In general no, being a nerd is fine. I myself am a massive nerd. Being a school nerd…that’s not cool.


Waregem and Plzen up.


Well, you say that, but the so called “cool” girls at school went on to have 3 kids before 21, no job and judging from Facebook, they never really mastered English.

I think we know who the real winner is here :sunglasses:




Oh god :cech:

1-0 Hertha, 1-1 Lugano and Cologne take the lead.
Plzen immediately up again.
Real Sociedad and Steaua take the lead, while BATE equalize.
And now BATE score the second. Cologne are fucking shit.


Being a school nerd totally isn’t on lol