The Europa League Thread


Anthem at the Emirates is always emotional stuff


The team I really didn’t want to see coming too the EL is coming too the EL (Atletico). Fuck this shit.


Well, get used to it. They are coming. They are not dangerous this season though.


Boredom is an emotion I guess…


You said that about Bayern before the round of 16 tie last season :eyes:


Here you go. Whole soundtrack:

Listen to your heart’s content

On topic. Fucking bastards Atletico what is their game huh? GTF in the last 16 or finish last in the group to Qarabag I don’t care. But stay the hell out the best European club competition!


They play in a manner that is kryptonic to us. Even if their form isn’t the best.


True, but Atletico do really look shit this season.


Atletico barely score more than 1 per game and struggle v carrier bag, I think we should be fine


Shut up Gabi. :sanchez2:


It is funny coming from a predominately Europa league club. It wasn’t until recently they got into the CL places and stayed there before AM were a mediocre club at best in a 2 club league.


Yeah that’s just not true. They’ve been through periods of mediocrity - and every club has. But they are a historically successful Spanish club.


The full quote in the article is this though ; “right now I would say that the Europa League is a load of shit, even though it has given me a lot”. Clearly he wwas speaking straight after a bad result that leaves their chances of progressing slim, plus he acknowledges what the Europa League has given Atletico since 2010.

Still, he’s spot on. It is a load of shit :laughing:


Pretty ironic since he’s about to be in it.


To be fair, if you’re used to playing in the CL, and are at a top team that have just drawn with Quarabag, and it’s possible you could get knocked out of the CL and go into the Europa League, then it’s understandable to think that.

It wasn’t that long ago that we were laughing at spurs and Liverpool playing village teams from Hungary and Greece, on a Thursday night, in a half full stadium.

The tables have turned, and now we are the ones being ridiculed by their supporters.
Get used to it because Wenger and Kroenke couldn’t care less as long as they’re making a profit and next season could be the same.


They won’t finish above Qarabag. Atletico are the 4th best team in our group.


Apollon very close to score with a long range shot.
Villareal up.
Even game in Limassol so far, with Apollon being slightly better.
What a chance for Masiello! Should have really scored here.


Looks like Cuco Martina has suffered quite a serious injury.

Landed very awkwardly on the top of his back and hasn’t moved for a while.


Atalanta up thanks to a Ilicic’s penalty. Copenaghen, Partizan and Austria Wien also up. Lokomotiv-Sheriff 1-1.