The Europa League Thread


1-1 Submarino Amarillo, goal scored by Pato :heart_eyes:


Pato is still alive.


Patoooo great finish too


1-1 Ajax. They are struggling in the E.L. as well.
1-0 Krasnodar. Borja Valero has just had a shot on target. It was way too straight at the keeper.



He used to do it for Milan.
PAOK-Fiorentina 0-0 HT. Neither side has been dominant.
Massive chance for Babacar and now for Badelj. Fiorentina getting stronger and stronger in this first minutes of the second half.
Inter, lol! Hapoel Beer Sheva score. de Boer won’t last forever.
Ajax have just missed a penalty, but then scored on the rebound. 1-0 Osmanlispor against Steaua.
2-0 Hapoel!



Ben Sheeva lead 0-2 in the San Siro!


Outrageous fightback from Zenit & Poor start from United but I think they will still progress as its only the opening game.


Schalke take the lead in Nice. Time for Super Mario to step up :ozil2:
2-0 Osmanlispor.
First shot on target for Paok at 85’ :coq:


Dundalk FC became the first Irish team to gain a point in European group stage competition. They’re obviously a shower of cunts but great to see all the same.


Jay Rodriguez makes it 3-0 to Saints. I back them to do well in Europe.


@PPB Those two goals by Austria Vienna :open_mouth:


quality stuff indeed.

My favorite Italian/(American) football player scored a goal again too <3



Is this the same guy that scored that good goal last year?


Golazo! The austrian teams did so well Yesterday.



The rule makes sense (to a degree) but it was a terrible way to apply it. Absolute bullshit to get an indirect free-kick so far forward.


First results of the second gameweek: Astana-Young Boys 0-0 and Gabala-Mainz 2-3.


Southampton have taken 300+ to Israel, fairly impressive that given the club size. Not sure we’d take too many more than that, although in our case it’s impossible to tell as half the local population always turns out to support The Arsenal wherever we go in the world.


Inter keep on being shit in Europa. They 2-0 down at HT against Sparta Prague. The other italian team playing are winning, instead. Fiorentina 3-0 up against Qarabag. Ajax, Gent, Krasnodar, Schalke, Shakhtar and Zurich winning as well.
Almost 3-0 to Sparta Prague! They come very close.
What a hammering for Inter! 3-1 FT for Sparta Prague. They are almost out now. On the contrary, Fiorentina thrashed Qarabag. Ajax, Celta Vigo, Gent, Krasnodar (big defeat for Balotelli :coq: ), PAOK, Schalke, Shakhtar and Zurich won as well.