The Europa League Thread

Good night for most of the fancied teams, could get some decent ties by the team we reach the last 8.


I’ve seen the future. We’re getting through the tie with Benfica.

Because the football gods want us knocked out by Emery.

Why are Spurs playing their EL game tomorrow at 5pm?

Is it to avoid a clash with us, despite there being no fans and our “home” game being in Greece?

So they can bring out a DVD about being the first team into the Round of 16.


Was Dele Alli inspired by Olivier Giroud’s effort last night? I think yes.

Hold up, there’s matches right now?

Just spuds. Relax.


He really didn’t need to hit the ball so damn well.

French Commentary > Arab Commentary

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Way better goal than Giroud tbh. @Phoebica

Mourinho’s obsession with conflict actively hurting his teams, even more so now, when he’s no longer lucky enough to manage teams like 2004 Chelsea or Real.

Spurs probably would have had something like 40 points, if he had decided to use Bale and Dele Alli in the PL this season. The same way they would have been better last season, if he hadn’t decided to freeze out Ndombele.

I wonder who his next target is going to be now?

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Granada are the only club representing Spain well :muscle:


Rangers v Antwerp looked fun. 9-5 on agg. My favourite scoreline :cowboy_hat_face:


If we draw Spurs in the next round we’d have to play them three times in a week

Wtf are these hopping penalties? :facepalm:

It’s official. Modern footballer don’t know how to do penalties. This is absolute desperation.


Feel even worse about Bayern doing us 10-2 seeing all this.


Foxes behind.

XG arriving in Europe instead of the league

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Be a shocking loss if they dip here.

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