The Europa League Thread


Antonio looks like the only one who cares at the minute. :giroud:


Bye bye West Spam!


So West Ham have done this for 2 consecutive seasons ? How many English sides are we left with in the Europa League now ?




So Qarabag, Panathinaikos, Fenerbahce, Slovan Liberec, Austria Vienna, Krasnodar, AZ Alkmaar, Anderlecht, Astana, Genk, Osmanlispor, PAOK, Gent, Sparta Prague, Gabala, Sassuolo, Saint-Etienne, Shakhtar, Olympiakos, Maccabi and Rapid are through.


Serves West Ham fans right for thinking Payet > Özil


Yea!! Take that all you foolish hammers!!


Switch stadium to be knocked out by the sons of Dracula. Well done Hammers :campbell:


Going out in the qualifiers to the same team for the second year in a row shouldn’t really be happening to a team as big as West Ham.They’re not the best team in England, but they should at least be capable of fielding 11 competent footballers for a match as important as this one.


Mourinho with a pretty strong team against Feyenoord. Meanwhile, Qarabag-Slovan Liberec 2-2.
Perotti’s penalty. Roma take the lead immediately.
1-1 Plzen against Roma!
Darmian back from the dead. Didn’t think Mourinho would have played him again.
Feneyoord being more dangerous than United atm.
1-0 Anderlecht.
Penalty to Austria Vienna against Astra. 1-0 to the austrian outfit.
Gabala draw, 2-1 Austria Wien, 1-0 Genk against Rapid Wien e 1-0 Maccabi vs. Zenit.
United are so boring to watch in every game. They really lack a WC deep-lying playmaker. But Mourinho doesn’t like this type of player.
Darmian are so fucking poor. He got owned everytime Feyenoord attack.
Anderlecht up again and Olympiakos take the lead against Young Boys.
1-0 Astana.
1-1 Rapid and 2-0 Maccabi. Not a great start for Lucescu.
The unknown Zorya score. Goal for Mainz as well. Meanwhile, Manure keep on being shit.
Rapid overcome Genk! 2-1! The austrian teams are doing well atm. And they confirm it now by both scoring the 3-1. Little Sassuolo up against Bilbao! That’s the story so far.
Mourinho had to bring on Ibra in the E.L. to twy to win the game :poldi:
Lucescu collapses. 3-0 Maccabi.
Sassuolo keep on impressing and score the 2-0, Astra pull one back against Austria, as Zenit, while Anderlecht score the 3-1.


Such arrogance from the (plastic, armchair) Manc fans on the BBC feed.

“It’s only Feyenoord”. Morons, you’re getting well beaten.


Aah, you ended what would have been a really long post by the end of the night by GFI :joy:


Get in Feyenoord! And what a comeback for Zenit!


Was wondering if GFI would make 20+ edits to his post.




Did you want me to spam 20 posts? :ozil2:
Last-minute equalizer for Fenerbahce. Gonna watch Fiorentina now.
Standard and Zurich up. Zurich play in the swiss second division.


Acestream :raised_hands:


Austin scores for Saints thanks to a penalty. Gent and Panathinaikos are also up.
Celta equalize with Giuseppe Rossi. He does really love playing in Spain, doesn’t he?
Talking about PAOK-Fiorentina, it has been a very tactical game so far. No one wants to take risks.


Tonight I’m fully focused on Nice: #TeamBalo :muscle:


1-1 Braga. PAOK are taking control of the game, but Fiorentina aren’t risking that much.
First chance of the game for Babacar, the eternal young starlet who always fails to step up.
Austin again. 2-0 Saints.