The Europa League Thread


Wow that was a pearling strike to likely get through on away goals for the Russians.


Krasnodar score! Golazo!

3-1 Red Bull lol!

Valencia right at the end!

Chelsea, Krasnodar and Valencia are through.


Valencia right at the end


Valencia and Napoli out???!?!?!?




Brilliant brilliant by Gameiro there.
Whole stadium filled with despair now


Napoli aren’t out. They won the first leg 3-0.


Heartbreak for the Russians. Nice composed goal at the end though.


Frankfurt up. They hit the post some minutes before.

Slavia up! Seville look fucked.

Villarreal take the lead.

Seville hit the bar!
Inter so lucky not to concede again here.
Penalty to Seville. 1-1.

Frankfurt and Villarreal up at HT, while Seville and Benfica draw.




What a game in Prague! 2-2 now!

2-1 Slavia

2-2 Seville

2-0 Villarreal

Benfica take the lead.

Consolation goal for Zenit,

Frankfurt and Villarreal go through, while Benfica and Seville go to ET.
3-2 Seville!


Inter fucking Merda :arteta:


3-3 Slavia!

2-0 Benfica


Sometimes Inter out-Inter your Inter-est expectations, you couldn’t make it up :facepalm:


Imagine supporting Inter ffs

Mourinho truly is the GOAT for winning the fucking treble with this pathetic club :poldi:

Imagine it, nobody has managed it apart from him.


Watching sevilla’s match…
Crazy stuff


3-0 Benfica


And Sevilla conceded…holy fuck


Only 30 seconds to go


Seville lol!

They are out ahahha!