The Europa League Thread


Don’t worry, i am going now, but the battle against non-Arsenal fan goes on.


It was nice while it lasted boys


You have been the third mod/admin warning him now this evening. Why not just ban him? Clearly he hasn’t adjusted his behaviour.


Chelsea already up. Fucking Giroud :xhaka:


Nice thought :sunglasses:


Lucky goal, tbh.


Napoli score with Milik.

1-1 Red Bull

2-0 Chelsea. Giroud again.

3-0 Chelsea

Chelsea up at HT, while Napoli and Valencia draw.


Chelsea showing us how to make easy work of an easy tie


You are so annoying these days. And to think it is your birthday :smile:


Exactly, you can’t call me annoying on my birthday :open_mouth:


You always have a dig at us, worse than Aussie :bellend:


If we got Kiev we’d have bottled the game in the Ukraine and bitched about the length of travel.


Here we go. Aussie and his good old moan :bellend:


I don’t want to have to moan tonight pal, are we going to win by enough to get through against these mid table French scrubs to progress ?


Yes, imo.


Why haven’t you learnt the art of British sarcasm yet? :xhaka:




A Giroud hat trick, blimey it really is Jade’s birthday today :poldi:


Sorry if i wasn’t born in the UK.


4-0 Chelsea

2-1 Red Bull

5-0 Chelsea