The Europa League Thread


The Home game is at 20:00!!!






The first drawn teams were supposed to be at home.


Cech return’s to his former club


I assume they switched it so we can avoid another 5.55pm home kickoff, which would have been the case as Chelsea are at home in the first leg, and they’re more important than us :roll_eyes:


Nice of UEFA to just improve our chances of success merely down to TV scheduling conflicts.

Football and draw integrity only of secondary importance here of course and it’s only Rennes - they’re probably just happy to even be here - they probably won’t kick up a fuss :laughing:


Nice draw, good opportunity to watch Yann M’vila closely before his scheduled medical.






Chelsea, Villareal, and Valencia all have to go to Ukraine or Russia - glad we avoided those frankly… Seems like we could have a pretty decent final 8 pool honestly.

I reckon:


No scrubs left at that point… nobody we can’t beat, but no cupcakes either.


Looks like an extended Emirates Cup list


Confident we beat everybody there over two legs except Inter and Napoli

I dont fear anybody on that list


Chelsea will beat us


not too sure about that tbh, we have beaten them already and at the beginning of the season in one of the first games of emery being in charge we SHOULD have beaten them apart from missing guilt edge chances that anyone should have scored. Sure it might be a hard match but i feel we are capable of beating them especially if they are pissing about.


We just need the Sokratis-Koscielny partnership back asap and I believe we’re a good chance against the best of em.


If we small dick we can lose to anyone.

If we don’t then I only fear Napoli.

Inter are fucking shite.


Are you hinting it could be tricky? :henry2:


We can lose to any of those, but over two legs, we should pretty much be favorites in all cases with Chelsea perhaps being closest, although they are a mess atm.


Thank fully Ben Arfa is a little bitch and I wouldn’t mind siding with Emery against him.


Yeah gladly would have taken that tie before the draw was made, not saying it’ll be a walk in the park for us but we should be progressing.

The way the draw is set out we should have a nice bunch of ties for the Quarter final stage.