The Europa League Thread


Seville up at HT.


Lazio just missed their chance to equalise, been their only chance to score for the match apparently.


The 5 time winners of the Europa League are comfortably into the round of 16. Lazio have been rather disappointing this season haven’t they ?


Seville down to 10 men, with 25 minutes+injury time to go.

2-0 and game over.


Yep, their main strength last season (the attack) has been fucking poor this season.


2-0 Seville FT. Lazio are out.

Today’s games:

Zenit already up.

Dinamo Zagreb up.

Eintracht take the lead against Shakhtar, while Red Bull against Bruges.

1-0 Eintracht. Jovic is amazing.

1-0 Red Bull

2-0 Red Bull and 2-0 Frankfurt.

2-0 Red Bull

2-0 Frankfurt

2-0 Dinamo Zagreb

2-0 Zenit

2-1 Fenerbahce. Golazo!

1-0 Napoli

3-0 Frankfurt

1-0 Sporting

3-0 Red Bull

Dinamo Zagreb, Eintracht, Napoli, Red Bull, Sporting and Zenit up at HT, while Valencia draw.

Shakhtar pull one back.

3-1 Zenit

2-0 Napoli

3-0 Dinamo

1-0 Valencia

1-1 Villarreal

3-1 Frankfurt

4-1 Eintracht. They look dangerous.

4-0 Red Bull

Dinamo, Eintracht, Napoli, Red Bull, Valencia, Zenit and Villarreal are through.


1-0 Inter as well.

Malmo so close to take the lead!
Ranocchia makes it 2-0 for Inter.

Rennes score against Betis!

1-1 Slavia Prague


I’d like Villarreal in the next round so that we can welcome Santi back home instead of Hleb the pleb.


ok Malmö, let’s beat the mercenaries now


Betis in real danger! 2-0 Rennes!

1-0 Dinamo Kiev as well.

Game on in Seville! 2-1 Betis.

Rennes, Inter and Dinamo Kiev up at HT, while Benfica, Chelsea, Genk and Leverkusen draw.


Commentator on the Chelsea match just said of the first half “that was hard work for Chelsea”. Yeah it was bloody hard work watching it too! The second half can get stuffed.


It’s bad enough watching Arsenal in the Europa League. Let alone watch other teams in it!


Hopefully we get Dinamo Zagreb or something in the Round of 16.


Didn’t they beat us in the opening game of the 15/16 CL Group stage? Giroud got sent off if I remember :arteta:


Calum only remembering the negative things. What a surprise! :thinking:


Correct and we may very well lose in Croatia again if paired with them, but much like Bate Borisov we’d likely be able to win by 2 or 3 at home.



Slavia Prague up now.

Chelsea score as well.

Genk have collapsed. 3-1 Slavia Prague.

4-1 Slavia Prague

2-0 Chelsea

Nice goal from Perisic. 3-0 Inter.


3-0 Chelsea

4-0 Inter

Leverkusen equalize! Game on!

Betis collapse. 3-1 Rennes.

Benfica, Rennes, Chelsea, Dinamo Kiev, Slavia Prague, Inter and Krasnodar are through.


@will24, explain Betis. Thanks.


Not a bad word about Hleb, please. He’s not the first to be seduced by those Catalonion (this is not a real word I know) cunts whilst here.


Rennes through, hope we get them in the draw, might go there to watch if so.