The Europa League Thread


Bayern and us are like magnets to each other aren’t we?


I am calm. Don’t care about what the others say :wink:


Think we should worry about EL 2019 first. :gunnersaurus:


Don’t know. We look so poor and devoid of any idea.


How I wish this were true


Listen, i don’t care if you consider me mentally ill or a clown. We don’t know each other.


The one thing I don’t consider you to be is calm


Who the fuck are you? Do you know me in real life? No, so shut the fuck up.


The irony… :eyes:


Good night. My enemies on this board are back so i need to hide myself.



The whole hierarchy is hilarious but this made me laugh out loud.


Why do you take things personally?
I remember back in old forum (it was you right?) When we blew away the league title and you came at me specifically to direct your anger.

Just relax, by now you should be used to Arsenal disappointing you and just shrug away. It’s gonna be long time before we are relevant again so if your patience is wavering now, you should take a break.


For all our poor form under Wenger late in his tenure, we put in high level performances in the Europa knockouts, played Milan off the park away, destroyed CSKA 1st leg & the performance in the 1st leg vs Atletico could have delivered a 3-0 win on a different day.

Hopefully Emery can get us to that standard and we will give the competition a fair shake, sadly it’s looking unlikely at the minute.


We also lost at home to Ostersund.


Could have won 3 0 really doesnt count in the argument.


You just love to be negative and shit on the manager in whatever way possible, don’t you.


I’m amazed also that we’ve chose a manger that has us playing worse football than the final years under Wenger, that really took some doing, but somehow our board has managed it… baffling.


We really aren’t playing worse football than under Wenger.


It’s certainly no better and a lot of the key indicators actually suggest it’s worse.


Exactly. It’s a downward spiral that has been going on for years.