The Europa League Thread


Really though what have I done to join this? I’ve not said anything like Emery out or anything? :joy:


You are scottish.


ATYSB = Anti Told You Brigades

@Maverick79 - chairman
@LordBendtner - vice
@Luca_from_Italy - spokeman
@oompa - managing director

After WKB vs. WOB, it’s time for TYSB vs. ATYSB.


There’s no doubt that this is true. I think he’s been at his best when he’s had specific plans for certain matches and our best performances have come then (i.e. Sp*rs, Chelsea), but the lack of a consistent strategy has meant that we’ve never gone on a run of convincing performances.

I had expected that to come by now, although the injury situation hasn’t helped at the back. That still doesn’t account for the piss poor attack we’ve had so often though.


All these acronyms are making me go loopy


AKB vs WOB went on for so interminably long that it was only a matter of time before it got rehashed for poor Señor Emery :grimacing:


I’m managing director of something? :giroud3: baby, we’re going places!


Im up for it as long as you can provide us with quality pasta and tomato sauces !


For sure mate :wink:


@SDGooner how are you getting so rattled by Luca?! :joy:


I’m just so done with the current state this club is in. On top of that somebody like him accussing me of being happy about it. Fuck that.


@Luca_from_Italy has epic meltdowns on matchday it’s best just to ignore those moods when they occur, it’s like when a child has a hissy fit they want to see a reaction.

I didn’t do a great job of ignoring it either, please don’t take it to heart Luca, I know you only want Arsenal to succeed.


Not getting to involved here but there one set of rules for all of us. Start accusing people of something people going to react.


Why? I reckon he isn’t actually a retard? Or is he?


The point is that Luca is Luca, why would you let it bother you so much?! He calls me a Scottish, cocky weed boy who must hate Arsenal because I fairly regularly bet against us, but theres no way I’d take that accusation of hating my own club seriously, because it’s Luca and he says silly things like that lol


Well, i know deep inside we are not gonna win the Europa League. Just can’t be happy we are in this mess.


Fair enough, but its just a bit much that ignore is your main alternative otherwise someone might end up getting wound up to the point of getting banned. You then would feel the guilty one.
Just my outlook on it.


Ah it would want to be a seriously OTT reaction to warrant that in fairness and I think us mods are clued in enough to only react in such a manner if literally no other choice.

The other side of the coin here is we get grief when we do try reign him in. I know i certainly favour doing that over not and often do and i will continue to do so but it seems there isn’t a way for us to handle this to appease everyone…


I recognise that and thank you all for your efforts.


The way poor Luca gets spoken about on here sometimes, it’s as if he needed a minder to make it through the day :laughing: