The Europa League Thread


@Electrifying is a real weak link in that organisation.

Work a bit harder and you can be an executive one day too.


Luca ffs don’t make me laugh when I have teeth whitening strips on :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Are we gonna win the Europa League 2020?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • Calum

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So time to prepare for another year in the Europa League. Here’s all the info:


When they make a wrong decision I don’t support that decision. Furthermore I don’t hope they lose. I’ve repeatedly said I hope he wins the Europa League on his way out. At this point you can really fuck off with implying shit like this tbh.


Thanks a lot. You, too.


Where was this when Wenger was here? Fucking hypocrite.


@Aussiegooner I’m coming for your job prick. Me and Elec are gonna do a Coup d’état and take down the Aussie. Alba rules!!!



Enjoy it.


Luca fighting everyone tonight, although that would be everyday wouldn’t it :unai:


Hate who hates Arsenal. I feel sick watching my team, when someone just celebrates.


All of us got fed up with wenger though and for some of us it was a looooooooooooooooooooooong time coming even i was supportive of wenger up until the last few years of his reign. The difference is that Emery inherited a mess of a squad and had limited activity in the summer and next to none in january and everyone was saying ‘whoever gets this job is gonna have a hell of a time getting us where we need to be we should give them time’

6 months later same squad but riddled with injuries to key players its suddenly changed and it is like everything that has been said before has gone and people arent even willing to give emery time to get the squad he wants. All of a sudden he is not good enough, but i dont recall too many people moaning too much when before key injuries happened and we went undefeated for a while. This impatience could seriously fuck us over, what happens if emery is the guy we need and could make us competitive but we push him out of the club without a good go of things? I remember all these liverpool fans bitching and moaning about klopp when they would flop and have 5 goals scored against them and everyone was taking the piss…bet they are glad they kept him now though.

I also remember the same with pep, the 1st season even after he spent a lot of money for what they spent they were terrible and everyone was taking the piss out of him we would hear stuff like ‘the EPL isnt so easy is it huh baldy’ but we have a poor squad and less money and time but somehow we expect the manager to be doing soooooooooo much better than both pep and klopp.



I’d say fuck the Europa League at this point. With a bit of luck we can finish 4th, providing we win some away games (Wolverhampton and Leicester above all).


Yes yes :sunglasses:


If you actually watched games during that unbeaten run you might have seen how poor our performances were and that regression to the mean was bound to happen result-wise. Funny how all this nuance around the Emery situation is ignored by @Luca_from_Italy of all people. Whose is like the most blatant poster in spouting rubbish on this board.


Ignore me if you don’t like me. You can write on here, i can do it as well by ignoring us. You can even mute the threads where i post :wink:


Ffs :arteta:

I am way overqualified to just he a technician for this organisation!!!


Or you can stop implying rubbish.