The Europa League Thread


Time will tell if we’re weaker, depends if we surpass the 63 points we achieved last season.


Still not necessarily a true test considering we’ve got Auba for an entire season and Torreira who’s a beast. Much better squad this season tbh.

Plus you just cannot ignore the fact that the entire club was a shit storm last season. The fans had turned on Wenger, he’d lost his support of the board, he was being forced out, and replaced by Sven and Rahul. No way that didn’t have an impact on our season. Do you think it didnt?

Edit: see above @Aussiegooner and lemme put it this way…this squad with Wenger and no off the field distractions, is doing a lot better than last year. Athough I do still think this squad is poo as I’ve been saying for a long time now.


But you said we’re weaker this year ? Then contradict yourself by saying we’ve got Aubameyang for a full season + Torreira :thinking:. Which one is it ?


@Arsenal4thetreble I think we are at pretty similar level this year under Emery as we were last year under Wenger.

We will probably get 6 or 7 more points in the league largely due to the fact we’ve Aubameyang for a full season + Torreira.

So in terms of the respective squads at their disposal you could say Wenger and Emery are about par as things stand. Emery’s get out could be if he wins the Europa League which Arsène failed to do.


There isn’t that much of a gap between us and Chelsea to suggest that we should be scared to face them over two legs or in a one off game. Their biggest weapon is hazard and apart from him I don’t see anyone else giving us as much trouble as him.

This backline struggles against fast wingers and wingers with movement and Hazard fits that bill with Willian in a distant second. Also their backline will give you chances as well. If it wasn’t for a mistakes and a late brain fart we could’ve won that game earlier in the season.

We have a great chance to win this. I believe winning this tournament is our only chance to play UCL football next season. The league looks done for us but you never know.


Chelsea are a much better balanced side and closer to Sarri vision than us under Emery right now. We need to buy now for this season to make either top four or have realistic hope of winning this trophy.


I wouldn’t say they are balanced at all! They are one Eden Hazard hamstring away from sixth place.

Also Sarri tends to keep his squad small in the sense that he has his guys and everyone else can GTFO or ride the bench. It worked at Napoli for a little but his teams would come unglued in the Spring much to my dismay.


That would be a help for us if we actually had any fast wingers with dribbling ability, sadly we don’t.


F365 think we are winning the Europa League


Predicting Bournemouth to be in a relegation scrap is ambitious.

He even namechecks their difficult fixture run as the primary reason for where they are in the form table (bottom) and then proceeds to ignore his own reasoning


All the eggs in this basket. We have the specialist :kos2:


The Europa League is back today with Fenerbahce-Zenit.


Are Fenerbache still at the bottom of the Turkish league?


5th from the bottom.


Zenit hot favourites and one of the favourites for the whole competition surely, despite the loss of Paredes. They’ve already replaced him anyway


Arsenal beats Zenit over two legs tbh


The Turks are ahead.


Lol Zent are nothing special if Fener are beating them already


With who?

No Paredes, no Witsel.

They almost got put out by Celtic last season with both.


Russian teams are generally garbage in Europe, even Wenger took care of our Russian opponents in the Europa League last year despite our situation of disarray at the time.