The Europa League Thread


You know what I like to say.

You can never master BATE too many times!


The excitement from the draw is palpable.


Its yawn, but a good yawn. Just wanna win this shit up and get it over with.


That front three… tears in my eyes :wenger2:



imagine all of this upset and pissing about with the schedules and they managed to knock us out haha. :henry2:

If these lot knock us out though i fully expect every player and the manager to resign and we should just start the whole club over.


At least we can do a bit of squad rotation by the time this fixture comes round. Unfortunately it’ll be another tie lacking in glamour and interest but just got to do the job and advance forwards to better things.


Given the state of our squad I’m pretty happy with this draw, players gonna need rest for that period as it will get busy real fast.


We’ll master BATE again :slightly_smiling_face:


Hahaha I’m expecting plenty of empty seats in this Round 32 2nd leg at the Emirates, very uninspiring tie even more so as we played them in last years competition. It’s a tie we should win with relative ease though on the bright side.


yeah we can rest all our new signings for this one.


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Nice. Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:


Thank you


Ugh, fine… take your like.


Gives us a chance to see players like ESR and maybe even young Saka.


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Badly need to win this.


Tbh if where not going to invest the CL will just be the horror shows of other seasons. 8 and 10 goal aggregate defeats are something I can live with out.


Need the CL money to get better players in tbh.