The Europa League Thread


We’re definitely getting Sporting again. They were so dire last season.


We can’t get a team we litterly just played in the group stage haha


How on earth is Gattuso still in the job!


wtfff :joy::joy: Gordon is a lucky bastard that Celtic still got through haha


Rapid Wien beating Glasgow Rangers :rofl:


As shit as we have become at least we haven’t gone from AC Milan of the early 90s to this abomination. Genuinely feel for ya @Gio that Milan team are one of the few outside of Arsenal or Rovers I’ve ever felt an affinity towards.


Lazio the toughest round of 32 opponent we can get.


I don’t know if I’d want to play in Istanbul. Those home crowds are supposed to be crazy.


Fuck them. We should beat anyone on that list.


Yeah there is absolutely no one on that team I wouldn’t head into a game thinking we were going to beat them convincingly.

Lazio have looked good in past seasons but they’re still only Lazio


Just. Lol


Lazio definitely aren’t the same team they were last season. Watched them a few times this year and they’ve really disappointed.


Would love the opportunity to smash those fascist cunts


Fucking annoyingly I think it’s going to be a 3rd consecutive season of this competition and I’ll have to sit through another 20 odd Sunday night matches next campaign.


We aren’t gonna get 4th but I’m still hoping we can win this :pray:


Unless we win it


Yeah winning this tournament is a better chance than us coming 4th. 4th is going to be around the 80 point mark and we just aren’t good enough defensively to achieve that.


Only Chelsea could stop us if we are at full strength and in form imo


Yeah I agree we’re the 2nd best side in it along maybe level or so with Napoli, but what worries me is we’re always capable of a defensive horror show and letting in 3 or so away from home against several sides left in the knockout stages.


Agreed but bar Atletico frauding their way into the EL we would have won it even with a finished Wenger. So with a Europa League specialist i’m hoping we will go the other two steps to win it