The Europa League Thread




Stop lying :henry2: :arteta:


So 2021/2022 is the first season of this competition I assume ? Hopefully it’s never relevant to us.


Really don’t think I could take another season in this haha.

Was happy being in this last season for the novelty and the fact Wenger was embarrassing us in the CL. But I really want us back in the CL haha jealous watching Liverpool and the scum going through to the knockouts again


So it seems Napoli are the main threat from those that dropped down. Much nicer proposition compared to last season.


Whilst they are having a very solid season in the Serie A I think we are favorites against them. The only team whom against we aren’t is Chelsea in my opinion. Seeing how their season is developing that match-up should be more 50/50 than I thought at the beginning of the season anyway.


I think us vs Napoli would be a legit 50-50, I agree that the top 3 favs are Chelsea, Arsenal/ Napoli.


Whilst Napoli deserves a lot of credit for their consistent top three finishes in Serie A, especially looking at where they came from, they never really impress as a team to be fearful of in Europe. They just lack quality or something like that when it comes down to it. Of course now with Ancelotti he might be able to put everything together, but I’m not so sure that’s a team we shouldn’t win from.


They’ve got a stronger defence and midfield though that’s for sure. And if Meret is half the keeper he’s supposed to be (we’ll see about that) then they’ve probably got a better stopper than Leno too.

But the midfield of Fabian, Allan, Diawara, Zielinski, Rog is a very strong midfield and the wide men Insigne and Callejon (if Napoli decide to revert to 4-3-3) are a strong set of wide men to have. Plus defensively Koulibaly is considerably better than any defender we have and the full backs are strong options too.


If we would break it down player for player a lot might go their way indeed. But I don’t feel like they reach(ed) a level as a team of which we should be fearful of, not on an European level at least. But like I said this is where Ancelotti comes it. Maybe he is the one to turn that around for them.


I think, at this moment in time, he is better than any defender anyone has!

But yeah, agree with what you said. We can’t write them off.


Got the Rangers game on the TV in the background, that seems to be one of the current games of importance.


Giroud just scored a great free kick for Chelsea haha

@Phoebica :wink:


See, his locker is so big. He can do anything :heart_eyes:


Not only his locker, amirite :ramsey: :henry2:

AC Milan losing 3-1 to Olympiakos :arteta:


Milan are out?? :fearful:


Milan & Leipzig bottlers


Lmao, always enjoy laughing at Milan. Used to listen to a Podcast called Beyond the Pitch and one of the hosts was a big time Milan supporter. He always came off as an arrogant dickweasel and never missed an opportunity to dunk on Arsenal.


Milan smh


Who we can get in the draw

Please not some fucking place that is -18 and snowing that’s all I ask.

We’ve not played Olympiacos in a while :joy::eyes: