The Europa League Thread


1-0 Frankfurt


1-0 Sarpsborg

2-0 Sarpsborg

Giroud scores for Chelsea.

Golazo for Apollon!

Giroud again.


Giroud :heart_eyes:


Of course, you write now :hipster:


Cesc assisted that goal too :broken_heart:


So Marseille have gone from Europa League Finalists to 1 point from 15 in the group stage :grimacing:


1-0 Genk

Apollon, Chelsea, Frankfurt, Genk and Sarpsborg are leading at HT. Jablonec, Glasgow Rangers and Seville draw, instead.


2-0 Genk

1-0 Rennes

3-0 Chelsea and 3-0 Frankfurt

3-0 Chelsea

3-0 Frankfurt

Besiktas pull one back. Golazo!

2-1 Malmo

1-0 Liege

2-2 Malmo!

2-2 Besiktas as well!

4-0 Frankfurt

4-0 Chelsea

2-0 Apollon

3-2 Besiktas. Fantastic comeback from them!

Apollon, Chelsea, Frankfurt, Rennes, Besiktas and Liege win, while Genk and Villarreal draw.


What a ball it was too


What’s the deal for the Round of 32 draw ? From memory we can get the 12nd placed sides or the 4 CL drop outs with the lowest points tally’s ?


Yeah, the 12 group winners and the 4 best CL rejects are seeded.


We must win this. Still not over Atletico last season


The only real danger is Chelsea. Even the team who will drop from the Champions League won’t care.


Didn’t everyone say that about Atletico though ? They won’t care about Europa League :thinking:


Its only the English who think the Europa League is below them. Every other club in it wants to win it as it is a European trophy. Glad we have Unai as manager as he wants to win this


It’s bizare logic from the English considering English clubs rarely salute in the Champions League.


The Europa League should be below us because we’re the third most successful team in English football history. We have the third highest turnover in the league and the sixth highest in the world.

There is no way we should ever be championing this competition and it’s a sad state of affairs for the club that we are even in it to begin with. This isn’t the 90s where the UEFA Cup was a genuinely good competition to win because the Champions League wasn’t so saturated.

But because of how far we’ve fallen this competition has to be a priority for us this season unfortunately.


Still we are in it. It’s that every English club that plays in the EL thinks it’s beneath them.

There’s 6 clubs and only 4 CL places so two are gonna end up in it every season. No other country thinks like this.


Exactly. I’ll go back to giving no fucks about it when we get back into the CL.


I don’t give fucks about the CL when we aren’t in that tbh. Of course you only care about the one your team is in


Finally a trophy Spurs can win