The Europa League Thread


Big Weng to Milan please


With Ivan? No chance! :smile:


Fuck no.


None of the clubs who are about too drop are clubs we should be fearing. Tottenham/Inter, Liverpool could join us. Those are the only pretty much undecided groups. We should win this,.


I wouldn’t say we should fear anyone, but Pool and Spuds would certainly present a challenge, especially Pool… reckon our odds of winning Euro will stabilize once we see who actually drops.


Like I said for six out of eight groups it’s already clear. Liverpool are going to be in the midst of a title challenge and Spurs are probably going to Spurs the Europa League.


Chelsea are still favourites. I wouldn’t fancy us against any of the English clubs. And also, I don’t think we’ve played particularly well in several of our games so far this season, so we could easily come undone against a Sevilla or Lazio kinda team. Hopefully we’ll strenghten our defence in January.


If Chelsea remain favourites I’d settle for that, whilst Chelsea are good they’re nothing special, Atletico if last season > Chelsea.


I think the there’s still a major possibility that Liverpool will beat Napoli 2-0, or 3-1.

If Spurs are in it, it’s a shootout and I don’t see us being clearly inferior to either them or Chelsea.


2-0 BATE

2-0 Bodeaux

2-1 Krasnodar

1-0 Ludogorets

1-1 Leverkusen

2-2 Milan

3-2 Milan

4-2 Milan

5-2 Milan

4-1 Sporting

5-1 Sporting

6-1 Sporting

1-0 Salzburg

1-0 Zenit

1-1 Zurich

2-1 AEK Larnaca

Dinamo Kiev, Rapid Wien, BATE, Betis, Krasnodar, Milan, Sporting, Celtic, Salzburg, Zenit and AEK Larnaca win, while Anderlecht, Dinamo Zagreb and Leverkusen draw.


Yeah or even 1-0 Liverpool will see them progress.


Here we go again with this ‘realism’ :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. If teams of that caliber, especially Lazio, kick us out it’s officially the backruptcy of Arsenal. Even if we don’t play good these mediocre teams shouldn’t dispatch us ‘easily’.


Yeah in no way should fucking Lazio knock us out the EL!


Carlo’s not sweating it though :grin:


Carlo is a tough italian guy. Hope they play Liverpool off the park, the fucking scousers!


Napoli is probably easier to beat than Liverpool.


Oh I thought I read they needed to win by 2 clear goals


I didn’t say Lazio SHOULD knock us out. I’m saying a team of that calibre COULD knock us out. Sure we’re better, but that tier of teams are not chumps. If we have a bad day and they have a good day, then… We’ve had a hell of a lot of luck this season and we can’t keep relying on that is all I’m saying.


Than we have a return match too recover. Even when Arsenal had the season they had last year no team in the Europa League could touch them until they met a genuine high caliber team. We should never get knocked out by these teams over two games. Not reaching the final or not being knocked out by Chelsea or Liverpool means massive, massive failure.


If Napoli score in the match then Liverpool require a win by 2 clear goals, all this provided PSG dont fuck up in Belgrade.