The Europa League Thread


BATE should have just equalised, hit the bar and then blazed over when it was easier to score.



Final results:

Belediye-Seville 2-3

1-2 Belediye

2-2 Belediye

3-2 Seville

Apollon-Frankfurt 2-3

2-0 Frankfurt

3-0 Frankfurt

3-1 Apollon

3-2 Apollon

Bate-Chelsea 0-1

Dinamo Kiev-Rennes 3-1

2-0 Dinamo

3-0 Dinamo

3-1 Rennes

Genk-Besiktas 1-1

Krasnodar-Liege 2-1

1-1 Krasnodar

2-1 Krasnodar

Lazio-Marseille 2-1

1-0 Lazio

2-0 Lazio

2-1 Marseille

Malmoe-Sarpsborg 1-1

1-0 Sarpsborg

1-1 Malmoe

Vidi-PAOK 1-0

Rapid Vienna-Villarreal 0-0

Spartak Mosca-Rangers 4-3

3-3 Spartak

4-3 Spartak


But he makes everyone else around him better apparently so it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t score in months :man_shrugging:t2:


1-0 Olympiakos

2-0 Olympiakos

3-0 Olympiakos

1-0 Betis

1-0 Celtic

1-0 Qarabag

1-0 Red Bull

2-0 Red Bull

1-0 Dinamo

3-0 Red Bull

1-0 Bordeaux

2-0 Dinamo

4-0 Olympiakos

4-0 Red Bull

Betis, Bordeaux, Celtic, Dinamo Zagreb, Olympiakos, Qarabag and Red Bull up at HT, while the others draw.


4-1 Rosenborg

5-1 Red Bull now. Rosenborg getting thrashed.

2-5 Rosenborg. Enjoyable game!

1-1 Milan

Trnava pull one back.

Dudelange score the consolation goal.

1-1 Zenit and 5-1 Olympiakos,

1-1 Zenit

5-1 Olympiakos

Leverkusen up.

1-1 Leipzig and then 2-1 Celtic shortly after.

3-1 Dinamo

Celtic, Dinamo, Leverkusen, Olympiakos, Red Bull and Qarabag win. Milan, Bordeaux, Ludogorest and Copenaghen draw, instead.


Lol hard to believe this 10 years on :joy::joy: can even remember watching this game on channel 5 haha


That’s madness haha


And now Portsmouth are in the League Two. How the mighty have fallen!



They’re top of League One :wenger2:

Pompey are starting to make somewhat of a comeback in the last two years after all that mess that happened to them around 2010 onwards. Good to see them stablised and heading back on the right track.


So much for our football league expert! :wenger:


Yeah, Portsmouth have a decent team now. Not the right thread for it, but the one player that stands out is Matt Clarke. He’s a CB and is brilliant – it’s hard to know if players can step up easily, but the handful of times i’ve seen him over the last year or so he has looked fantastic, and I know Pompey fans rave about him. He’s too good for that division. I honestly think he could do a job in the PL – certainly better than Mustafi :see_no_evil:


Luca only ever posts about the Championship though. Maybe he’s just a snob towards League one and two :hipster:

Even having you at the back, would be an improvement :xhaka2:


I’m sure they still come above Scottish football in his pecking order though :poldi:


Tbf does anyone care about them two?


My bad. I do apologize :xhaka2:


I follow both leagues, tbh. Lincoln City are top of the league in League Two :kos2:


1-0 BATE

1-0 Dinamo Kiev

1-0 Spartak Moscow

1-1 Rapid Wien

2-1 Rapid Wien

1-0 Betis

1-0 Akhisar Belediye

1-0 Milan

1-1 Dudelange

1-0 Sporting

1-1 Qarabag

2-1 Sporting

3-1 Sporting

1-0 Cetic

1-0 AEK Larnaca


2-1 Dudelange :arteta:. @Electrifying

1-1 Krasnodar

1-0 Bordeaux


How the fuck are Milan, one of the most successful sides in European Football, losing to a bunch of randommers from Luxembourg? :arteta: No wonder @Gio is fed up of Football these days.