The Europa League Thread


Potential for a few decent teams to drop into Europa as a result of finishing third in their CL groups.

Looks like it will be harder to reach the later stages this season.


That’s a bit strong, innit.


We have the specialist this season :kos2:


Bordeaux up, while Ludogorets draw.

1-0 Bordeaux

1-0 Ludogorets

1-1 AEK

Betis take the lead against Milan!


Gattuso out. This defence is fucking terrible, especially considering the personnel


What’s the point of Bakayoko?


He’s so bad they want to cancel the loan in Jan.


Anderlecht 1-0, 2-0 Leipzig, 1-0 Red Bull, 1-0 Trnava, 1-1 Zenit and 1-0 Zurich.

1-0 Anderlecht

1-0 Leipzig

2-0 Leipzig

1-0 Red Bull

1-0 Trnava

1-1 Zenit

1-0 Zurich

Anderlecht, Betis, Leipzig, Red Bull, Trnava and Zurich up at HT, while Ludogorets, Dudelange, Copenaghen, Qarabag and Zenit draw.


How was he so good for Monaco tho?


Only team having done anything in the competition is Austria Wien, some years ago, which was before Diego Costa joined Chelsea.

The Austrian League isn’t even worth watching, even though we have a game on free tv every sunday lol


What about Salzburg?

You’ll be happy to know that doesn’t stop Luca from watching it :arteta:


Oh, we’re in the EL thread. Yea, Salzburg of course but their ambition is to be in the CL, so I mixed it up.

I guess they’ve not been bad but honestly with all the money involved you’d expect them to do a little more.


2-0 betis :facepalm:

@SRCJJ you’re right, Conte needs to come in, at the very least to get the defence working properly again.

3 year contract for Gattuso smh


Conte working under Leonardo and Maldini has the makings of a good partnership in my opinion. Milan will spend and Conte will coach better than any other option out there.


Vorskla take the lead.

1-1 Leverkusen

1-0 Slavia Prague

2-0 Anderlecht

2-0 Red Bull

Leverkusen up now, while Fenerbahce pull one back.

2-1 Leverkusen. Bellarabi with another beautiful goal.

2-1 Fenerbahce. What a mistake!

2-0 Betis lol! What a screamer!

2-2 Fenerbahce. Good goal.

3-0 Red Bull

2-2 Zurich

1-1 Dinamo Zagreb

1-0 Olympiakos

Zurich up again and 2-1 Dinamo Zagreb

3-2 Zurich

2-1 Dinamo

2-0 Olympiakos

Milan pull one back

2-1 Zenit

Olympiakos, Slavia Prague, Betis, Vorskla, Leipzig, Red Bull, Dinamo Zagreb, Zenit and Zurich win. Anderlecht and Ludogorets draw, instead.


What on Earth was the Qarabag keeper doing?

@Craigie EXSPALYN!


Damn Hleb still playing at 37, what a guy.


1-0 Genk

1-0 Chelsea

2-0 Chelsea

1-0 Frankfurt

2-0 Frankfurt

1-0 Jablonec

1-1 Astana

1-0 Lazio

1-0 Vidi

1-0 Dinamo. Fuck me! :cech:

1-1 Rennes.

1-0 Seville. Nice strike.

2-0 Seville

3-0 Seville

1-0 Krasnodar

1-0 Villarreal

2-0 Villarreal

3-0 Villarreal

2-0 Vidi

Genk, Chelsea, Frankfurt, Lazio, Vidi, Seville, Krasnodar and Villarreal are winning. The others draw.


Only took Ruben Loftus-Cheek 2 minutes to master Bate. He’s certainly not shy!


Betis are building a great team but it still shows how far Milan have fallen. Surely Gattuso can’t be there for much longer!
If Milan want Conte they may have to act quick aswell, he seems to be linked with madrid every day in the Spanish press