The Europa League Thread


He is ok.


Astana-Rennes 2-0 in the first game of this 2nd Europa League round-up.

1-0 Astana

2-0 Astana

Celtic up against Red Bull.

Vorskla and Leipzig up as well.

1-0 Vorskla

1-0 Leipzig

Olympiakos up against Milan! :smiley:

Anderlecht 1-0 down against Dinamo.

Leverkusen-Larnaca 1-1.

1-0 Larnaca

1-1 Leverkusen

1-0 Copenaghen

Dinamo Zagreb, Copenaghen, Olympiakos, Leipzig, Celtic and Vorskla up at HT, while all the others draw.


Salzburg level it against Celtic.


Salzburg 2-1. Loooool


Penalty Salzburg, Celtic RED.



Betis a great team to watch again this season. Nice goal from Lo Celso too


Morata miss was hilarious earlier, shame he took his chance so well vs us.


2-1 Leverkusen

3-1 Leverkusen

3-2 Larnaca

4-2 Leverkusen

1-1 Bordeaux

2-1 Copenaghen

1-0 Betis

2-0 Betis

3-0 Betis

1-0 Zenit

1-0 Zurich

1-1 Sporting

2-1 Sporting

1-0 Fenerbahce

2-0 Fenerbahce

2-0 Dinamo Zagreb

1-1 Milan

2-1 Milan

3-1 Milan

2-0 Leipzig

3-0 Leipzig

3-1 Rosenborg

1-1 Red Bull

2-1 Red Bull

3-1 Red Bull

Dinamo Zagreb, Betis, Copenaghen, Fenerbahce, Bayern Leverkusen, Milan, Leipzig, Red Bull, Sporting, Zenit and Zurich win.


Don’t think you posted enough videos in your last post there Luca :poldi:


Amazing effort. Fair play Luca.


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Luca is the man haha. Who needs a highlights show


PAOK 3-0, Frankfurt 2-1 against Lazio, 2-1 Dinamo Kiev, 1-0 Sarpsborg, 1-1 Villarreal, 2-1 Standard Liege, 1-0 Seville and 1-1 Rangers.

1-0 PAOK

2-0 PAOK

3-0 PAOK

1-0 Frankfurt

1-1 Lazio

2-1 Frankfurt

1-0 Dinamo

2-0 Dinamo

2-1 Jablonec

1-0 Sarpsborg

1-0 Villarreal

1-1 Spartak Moscow

1-0 Standard

1-1 Akhisar

2-1 Standard

1-0 Seville

1-0 Rapid

1-1 Rangers

PAOK, Frankfurt, Dinamo Kiev, Seville, Sarpsborg and Standard Liege up at HT. Marseille, Chelsea, Besiktas, Rangers and Villarreal draw, instead.



He’s a man who single handedly ensures I’m always up to date with every major European leagues.


1-1 Genk

2-1 Villarreal

Meanwhile, almost 3-1 to Frankfurt. They look a tricky team to face.

1-0 Marseille, 1-0 Malmo and Sarpsborg are up again.

1-0 Marseille. Payet is always a great player.

1-0 Malmo

2-1 Sarpsborg

Here we go. 3-1 Frankfurt. Lazio not the same as last season.

Lazio have lost the plot. Down to 9 men now.

3-1 Sarpsborg

2-0 Marseille. Golazo!

Morata scores for Chelsea :cech:

BATE pull one back.

1-1 Krasnodar and 2-0 Malmo.

1-1 Krasnodar

2-0 Malmo

Apollon pull one back. Just fantastic!

4-1 PAOK

2-2 Jablonec!

2-2 Spartak Moscow as well.

3-2 Spartak now! Villarreal have thrown it away.

Rangers up!

Krasnodar another team with a good comeback. 2-1. Wow!

2-2 Apollon!

4-1 Frankfurt. Poor Lazio.

3-3 Villarreal

3-1 Rangers

Wins for PAOK, Chelsea, Frankfurt, Krasnodar, Malmo, Rangers, Sarpsborg and Standard Liege. Draws for Marseille, Jablonec and Villarreal, instead.


Santi! :smiley: @Bl1nk


@PPB things must be pretty bad in Austrian football if Rangers are beating rapid Vienna by 3 goals to 1.


@Luca_from_Italy couldn’t find our highlights anywhere so thanks! Cutrone :heart:


You get the impression of some football madman in a room with a white cat on his lap and 40 TVs and various computer equipment… Luca is some crazy football fan and you have to love it.


Cheers mates!