The Europa League Thread


Think both us and them are gonna for it. It’s always a big chance to qualify to the Champions League after all.


I’m surprised Chelsea have put out such a strong team. Which means RLC can’t even get a start in the EL - he might regret staying at Chelsea.


Cazorla starts for Villarreal


Still 4 or 5 players who usually don’t play.


Villarreal already up. Bacca. Marseille take the lead as well.

1-0 Villarreal. Golazo!

1-0 Marseille

Fucking PAOK. They didn’t last long.

1-0 Seville and Dinamo Kiev.

1-0 Seville. Our target for january :unai:

1-0 Dinamo

Chelsea are in total control. The only good thing about PAOK is the atmosphere in the stadium.


Watching Genk v Malmo, hoping one of the best ever named footballers makes an appearance


1-1 Astana, 1-0 Krasnodar, 1-0 Lazio, 1-0 BATE and 1-0 Rennes.

1-1 Astana

1-0 Krasnodar

1-0 Lazio

1-0 BATE


Goal for Genk.

Pedro straight at the keeper. Should have been 2-0 to Chelsea.
1-1 Standard against a very poor Sevile side atm.

Seville up again! Great goal!

Dinamo also up again.

Krasnodar, Dinamo, Genk, Lazio, Marseille, BATE, Chelsea, Rennes, Seville and Villarreal are up at HT, while Besiktas and Rapid Wien draw.


Rapid Wien are up.

Jablonec equalize against Rennes.

1-0 Besiktas, 1-1 Eintracht and 3-1 Seville.

1-0 Besiktas

1-1 Eintracht

3-1 Seville

How Chelsea have not scored the 2nd yet is beyond me.
1-1 Rangers!

Lol! Villarreal up against after just one minute :arteta:. Santi’s assist! @Bl1nk

2-0 Rapid

2-0 Besiktas and 2-0 Genk

2-0 Besiktas

2-0 Genk

Pedro can’t score to save his life today :smile:
Seville running riot now. 4-1.

2-2 in Villarreal! Crazy game!

5-1 Seville

2-0 Lazio, 3-0 Besiktas and 2-0 BATE.

2-0 Lazio

3-0 Besiktas

2-0 BATE

Apollon pull one back.

Rennes and Frankfurt take the lead.

2-1 Rennes

2-1 Frankfurt

Krasnodar, Besiktas, Genk, Lazio, Frankfurt, BATE, Chelsea, Rapid Wien, Rennes and Seville win. Villarreal and Dinamo Kiev draw, instead.

2-2 Astana

3-1 Sarpsborg


Ludogorets score. Neverkusen :smile:


If Leverkusen still had Leno… the score would still be 1-0 to Ludogorets :arteta:


Fuck off1 You are making a mockery of our goalie :hipster:


1-0 Dinamo Zagreb.

1-0 Salzburg

2-0 Salzburg now! Wow!

Dinamo doing well atm. 2-0.

Leverkusen sinking further down. 2-0 Ludogorets!

Slavia Prague up against Bordeaux. What a hit son!


Yet you still liked it… :smile:


I like to like, tbh :hipster:


Leverkusen pull one back. Game on! Good strike.

Zenit up against Copenaghen.

Dinamo Zagreb, Zenit, Ludogorets, Salzburg and Slavia Prague up at HT, while Zurich, Celtic, Milan, Betis, Sporting and Anderlecht draw.


Nice to see Dudelange are holding Milan. I read an article about the Dudes earlier. They have a Milan connection so this is a really big deal to them. And they’re one of those teams whose players are semi-professional, so when they qualified for the EL, the club had to contact the players’ employers to secure release for the next few months :arteta:


Game on in Zagreb!

Sporting score.

Fuck! Fatty scores.

2-goal lead for Dinamo again.

Zurich up thanks to a penalty.

Dinamo thrashing Fenerbahce now. 4-1

1-1 Copenaghen

2-2 Leverkusen!

Leipzig score so now they can come back.

Neverkusen up now! Showing some balls for once.

Trnava up.


2-2 Leipzig! Great comeback!

1-0 Celtic, 3-2 Salzburg and 2-0 Sporting.

1-0 Celtic

3-2 Salzburg

2-0 Sporting

Zurich, Celtic, Dinamo Zagreb, Milan, Bayer Leverkusen, Salzburg, Sporting, Trnava and Slavia Prague all win, while Betis and Zenit draw.




As funny as it is, i hope he didnt injure himself can get some nasty leg breaking and ankle shattering injuries falling from a height like that.


Nope, here’s the full video. He got back up unhurt and even tried to style it out haha