The Europa League Thread


So 1800 round trip. On a Thursday… with games on the weekend. It’s going to be brutal. And Azerbaijan? Can you get any further away and still be in Europe? The long late week trips are going to be rough. Especially since we don’t have the squad to rotate properly.


I think we will be fine. We are also a bit lucky with the schedule. After Qarabag and Sporting away we play Fulham and Crystal Palace at their place. When we have the game in Ukraine we should have been qualified for the next round already.


Yea it’s really not a big deal at all. And the whole travelling thing is over played anyway. They book charters and leave at times of their choosing on a luxury plane. Basically a non issue imo.


Well, we would be shit in any case regardless of the opponents… November is just not our month :mustafi:


Huh, Azerbaijan is in Europe? I could have sworn it was Asia. You learn new things every day I guess.
I was taught in grade-school that Europe stretches up to the Bosporus strait, and by that definition Azerbaijan is indeed in Asia. But apparently they’re part of the Council of Europe, whatever that may be (and it sounds European).

Fun fact: Wikipedia’s map of Europe doesn’t include Azerbaijan.


Interesting read this


Yeah, I was reading that. But 50 - 100 years ago, I bet you couldn’t find anyone claiming that South Caucasus was in Europe. Now things have changed apparently.


Now, if only we could get China into the European Union. Imagine how much cheaper everything would get with no import taxes. It would be basically free. (but I imagine they must first relinquish their autocratic tendencies).


Does it matter?



Here we go! We start our march to Baku :kos2:


Got a horrible feeling we’re going to end up playing Man City as some point in this competition this season


I’d love to know how many supporters are going to Azerbaijan for this one. As in actually going from here, not the Azerbaijan Arsenal Supporters Club


Nah they’ll still progress in the CL don’t stress.


Man City will still comfortably get out of that group. They’ll probably win the 5 remaining group games – once Pep is back in place of that fraud Arteta :sunglasses:


Was pep banned or what? I paid no attention to these matches. :slight_smile:


Yep, in their CL game v Liverpool last season he was sent to the stands, but he carried on communicating with the bench so received a ban.


Lol! No chance they are not gonna qualify.


C’mon Paok! Fuck Cheatski!


Actually forgot Chelsea was in this.