The Europa League Thread




We’re definitely winning it to be honest.


Nervous about chavski and potentially who could drop down from the CL.


Well we’ll see what happens, but this team has easily exploited tactical weaknesses, it’s mentality is still extremely fragile, there’s a lack of resilience and its full of unprofessional errors. It’s interesting for example that Lacazette is considered to be pushing hard for a start despite an unbelievable error at Chelsea that cost us the match. Such errors, lack of concentration and application are completely inherent to this team and they no longer even warrant serious attention from fans because of how common they are. Until the manager has had a couple of seasons to actually implement his way of doing things significant accomplishments are out of the question as losing and bottling are completely engrained in our squad.

Certainly we are one of the “best” teams in the competition, but not overwhelmingly so. If we were to make the step up to the Champions League for example, I think our ability to get out of a group would be far from guaranteed. It’s completely plausible that we could be put out of the Europa League by a side with much less quality. Our shortcomings will certainly prevent us winning the competition


Nah I’m with Leper on this one.

Our defence looks awful even against some of the worst teams in the premier league. I’d say at our current level and given last year’s showing, semis is probably what we can consider a good run. We’re just not the club we used to be.


Even so, the defence was just as awful last season, and only Atletico madrid, who are one of Europe’s elite and who had no right being in the Europa League (they are a CL quarters level team at the least, probably semifinal level i.e. top 5 team in Europe), stopped us from winning it tbh.

And that’s without Auba, and even then we almost did it.




Because we’re dog shit :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


It is true our back 4 + keeper has no business winning any European competition, though we are currently 2nd favs but that will probably be pushed back to 4th or so after the CL dropouts.


Props to the hardcore going out to Qarabag. Two long and expensive trips there

Will be like last year when everyone went out to Cologne (Sporting) and didn’t bother with the other two


I would like to see this club lift a European trophy, even if it is regarded as a Micky Mouse trophy . Why is is given or even accepted as that is beyond me .
Winning trophies breeds confidence, confidence breeds success.
I’d be bouncing of the walls and ceilings to see Emery win this or indeed any European trophy.
Those fans who dismiss this trophy , would they celebrate if we lifted the trophy , of course they fucking well would !
This is our Year to win a European trophy .
Emery knows his way into this tournament, we’ve got the players , let’s go for it !


If its good enough for Atletico it has to b e good enough for us too.


I honestly haven’t seen that much down playing of the Europa as a tournament the last while. Certainly it’s two most recent winners being Atletico and United have given it a bit more legitimacy in the eyes of many.

I also think Emery’s “knowledge” of the tournament gets a bit over stated. There isn’t anything inherently Europa Leaguey about the Europa League. Sevilla were always amongst the 3/4 teams you would have expected to have been in with a shout the years they won it.


Not easy to change years of years of losing mentality and shit tactics. Emery is still trying to figure out what our best line-up is. Give him time.


As far as I can see, nobody is saying we’re gonna win it, it’s not a matter of Arsenal fans being too confident and not recognising the issues we have with our team. What is being said, is that we clearly appear to be one of the best teams in the competition and that we should go into it believing we have a good chance of winning it.

Now if you were to ask me if I think we actually will win it, I’d ultimately say no. I share the same misgivings being articulated by others. But there’s a difference between asking whether we actually will win it, and asking whether we should be a leading contender to win it.

Should we be a leading contender? Absofuckinglutely.

If it turns out that we aren’t a leading contender to win it, then serious questions will rightfully be asked.


I’m interested to see how we go in this competition this season, under a manager who has previously won this competition several times. I didn’t pay an awful lot of attention to it until the latter stages last season, but it’s quite amusing seeing some of these team names that you never knew existed. You’d have to imagine we should go far again, but ultimately depends on what teams are left later on and who drops out from the CL into this. Hopefully as the season progresses, Emery might start to get a handle on the defensive part of this team, though I wouldn’t like to bank on it.

@Craigie must be buzzing in excitement when his two favourite teams square off against each other :kos2:


I get triggered when I read this kind of stuff. For a club which won their last European trophy in 1993 there is no need for this kind of nonchalance.


This. Except for Chelsea we have more quality than everybody else who is currently in the Europa League. Even with the current crop of defenders. For somebody he doesn’t really care, like @Leper, he is overestimating the quality of the competition a lot. Even the teams who could drop down (Napoli/Internazionale) from the Champions League are not that much better if at all. Unless a big name drops from the Champions League group stages who shouldn’t.


Imagine if spurs and Man U drop out of the CL.
Arsenal, Chelsea, spurs and Man U in the semi final of the Europa League :grinning:


The way things are going with United, they’ll probably finish 4th in their group. Surely, Mourinho will get the sack by that time?