The Europa League Thread


Yeah those are definitely harder… basically just have to overcome Sporting, which should be easy. Chelsea got very easy draw too.


Well, it’s our best chance to get back to the Champions League.


Their midfield is worse than our defence.

It’s absolutely pitiful.


Allardyce doesn’t seem to have thought that through.

The whole point of having good league form is to qualify for European competitions like this.
So what would throwing away the Europa league just to concentrate on the PL achieve?
It’s like saying that you shouldn’t try and win the League Cup because it would mean having to buy a trophy cabinet.

Just when you think Allardyce couldn’t be any more stupid, he comes out with rubbish like this.
As if Dyche is going to listen to an old dinosaur like him any way.


No chance we win this competition, quarters or semis would represent a good showing but anything more is unrealistic.


Why is it?


Because we’re not good enough to win a European trophy.


Says who?


We’re better than the Sevilla teams that Emery won the trophy with so I’m not really sure that’s true tbh.


Yeah, I mean, I personally don’t think we’ll win it. But I don’t think it’s unrealistic for people to believe we can get to the final of a competition in which we are second favourites to win!

Sevilla are currently third favourites followed by Leverkusen, and, on paper, our team is better than either of theirs. Of course it depends on the CL teams too but at this moment in time we are one of the strongest teams in the bloody thing.


Yeah the issue is just more in the compounding chances to get knocked out over time… you have to figure we are 95+% to get out of group, then high per round, but over time the odds get compounded down.

Figure we are second favorites, but that doesn’t mean that we are close to 50% chance to win from a current odds perspective… I reckon we are probably something like 5:1 - 10:1.


Unrealistic that we win the euro league ? People are really suicidal these days jeeez.


Oh yeah I totally get that and like I said, I don’t actually think we will win. I just don’t think that, given our status as one of the “big fish” if you like, it’s that unrealistic to suggest we’ll get to the final.

I mean if it’s unrealistic for us to to win, then how many clubs have an actual realistic chance of winning it?! This isn’t winning the lottery or finding a needle in a haystack, it’s winning a competition in which we are better than pretty much all the other 31 teams.


We have the Europa League specialist now :unai:. However, why not keeping Wenger at this point? You sound pessimistic.


Our defence is barely adequate against mediocrity. Any realistic Europa League contender would find more than enough opportibity to dispatch us.

Surprised to see the superiority complex about the Europa League is back among our fans after we showed pretty much throughout the campaign last season that we were vulnerable. Failure in Europe is pretty intrinsic to Arsenal so it’s surprising to see anyone thinking this is a viable route into the Champions League.


I don’t even want to get into whether you’re right or wrong, to simply see such a statement is depressing as fuck.

I can’t say this without seemingly like I’m being directly rude to you haha, but to say we’ve got no chance of winning the EL seems like a totally pussy mentality.

Again, I don’t say that to be rude. I just can’t get on board haha


It is. Even with a finished Wenger we got to the semi finals.

We have a great chance of winning this.

#Baku19 :azerbaijan::trophy:


Love your optimism bro! We got it! :azerbaijan:


What? After Chelsea we’re the best team in the competition.
LE: Forgot to take into consideration that third placed UCL clubs will join in.


It’s not a superiority complex to suggest that we are better than the majority of teams that will compete in this competition. We lost last year to one of Europe’s best teams and a team that have been good enough to compete for major European honours many times over the last decade.

And in a competition where a team like Fulham can make the final and Ajax battled it out with United only the year before Atleti won it pretty much says to me this is a tournament we are perfectly capable of winning.