The Europa League Thread


Only Chelsea is probably on our level or slightly better. Still, there are tough groups in UCL which surely would mean some big teams will end up in EL.


Good point. Forgot about that.


Milan & Leipzig could see us struggle :joy:


We did Milan 5-1 with the worst team we’ve had in my life. Until there’s further evidence I’ll stand by not finding them a big worry atm


Sporting, Betis and Rangers please.


Haven’t they made some good signings over the summer though ? I could be wrong but I thought they had.


Yeah I believe they have, just saying that until I get the sense that they are much improved I can’t worry too much about them given what happened last season with an abysmal Arsenal side. Our team has also improved too merely by adding Auba to our EL side.


The state of pot 4. Apollon Limassol sounds like something you’d treat a veruca with and Dudelange seems like the kind of name someone wrote down with the intention of changing it later!

Given that they’re an amateur side, that’s probably exactly what happened :grin: Incredible that they even got to this stage!


Yep, like last season with the worst Wenger side ever. Try again mate :slight_smile:


luca going in :joy:

Yeah we should have no problems against ACM considering we hammered them over two legs last season haha


I haven’t seen anything to suggest we are better than last season, admittedly it’s only been 3 games so I should reserve judgement for now.


Would like

Sporting Lisbon

Three short trips


First #FuckOut
& now #TryAgainMate

Luca, phrases sound cooler when you say it.


So Burnley didn’t make it?




So the name of greek god Apollo followed by a city of one of the most common holiday destinations(Cyprus) for the British sounds weird?
Btw, weren’t they in Everton’s group last year?


Lol, yeah It was a joke… And yes this will be the 4th time in 6 years that they have qualified for the EL so i am indeed familiar with them :+1:







I assume they have a better back 4 + Keeper ? But yeah as things stand we should be the 2nd best side in this competition behind Chelsea and dependant on CL drop outs.


Donnarumma is overrated. I can only give you Caldara as a very good CB.