The Europa League Thread


Klaksvik’s stadium :giroud:


wonder how many games get postponed because off the pitch being frozen


That is a spectacular view of the hills. Reminds me of this that gets brought up on Reddit all the time:


How big of a fix would we need to ensure Europa win the Europa?


We would need wenger back as our manager for starters :henry2:


Stage 1: Gibraltar becomes Spanish again.



What do you mean ‘again’?


Las Gibraltar san Englands. :unai:

(Don’t even, I know it means nothing)


You know when I saw qarabag’s badge on PES, My first thought was, ‘whats Craigies avatar doing here? Option file must be dodgy’ :arteta:


Nationalist and reactionary :unai:


Gzira beat Sant Julia in the first game of the preliminary round first leg.


I’m in tears, you’re actually following these Europa premliminary rounds :arteta:


I told you i am a football maniac :wink:


Burnley will face Aberdeen in the third round qualifying.


The giants of Burnley face the immovable force of Aberdeen in the battle of the northern titans.


I would be very disappointed in you if one day you don’t cash in on your mania



Make it fucking happen


The rest of the games is tomorrow.


I’m talking about you starting your twitter account!

Shit would blow up quickly mate! I wanna see you become twitter famous with your obscure match updates and food based insults :joy:


Luca and arsenal Twitter, oh god…