The Europa League Thread


Klopp is a Champions league final according to me


That’s a good question.
I only support Arsenal because the first few games I went to watch as a child were at Highbury and we were just above mid table and boring but I always like the underdog and a lot of my mates supported glamour clubs like Man U, Liverpool and spurs, who were all better than us.

If I had to choose another club it would probably be Southend, who I follow anyway.


But he doesn’t like to park the bus so i guess you don’t like his style :grinning:


I like winning Styles, never said anything about defensive styles being better.


Liverpool’s football is different to what Wengerball was at it’s peak. Their football always seems rushed, relying on Salah. Their games are entertaining for sure but it’s not an art to watch like Wengerball. However Klopp hasn’t won a cup in ages. I wouldn’t take style over trophies alone but I like trophies with style. Our last 3 FA Cup’s all had great football. If we were parking the bus for a 1-0 in every final it wouldn’t feel the same


I’m not sure I’d really describe beating Hull 3-2 as great football, but each to their own.


3 goals is great football, Cazorla’s free kick and Ramsey’s winner were great goals We had an awful start going 2-0 down but we made it exciting for ourselves and worth it in the end. You can’t say a 1-0 with a scrappy goal in a final is particularly exciting


Atletico beat Marseille 3-0 the other day in the EL final.


Of course but their overall approach to the game was boring


That’s a bit reductive but ok


Those are individual moments and something a Wenger team will always, always be capable of. Goals are not indicative of overall style or good play though. Arsenals style has been rubbish for years.


Already booking the flights. It’s destiny we win it in a country beginning with the same letter as ours. :sunglasses: Azerbaijanral #:azerbaijan:Baku19


The preliminary round draw:


Are these real teams? :laughing:

There’s a Europa League team called Europa?!


Yep, that’s the preliminary round to enter into the first round :wink:


Fancy the druids to do well this year.


Prishtina - Their record is…nope.


Klaksvik sounds cool. Gonna support them :kos2:


There have a fun crest if you fancy changing your avi :grin:



Woah steady on, you can’t change your lifelong allegiances just like that.