The Europa League Thread


That doesn’t negate what I said at all lol


What I mean to say that if results were crucial for me, I would have supported Chelsea because they had just won the league.
Or United who I kept hearing were very successful.
Or Liverpool because of their CL win.


Did you enjoy watching the boring football we were playing a few seasons ago, where it was pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass…pass pass pass pass pass pass… lose possession, and not even be successful?


I wasn’t saying that results were your main motivation, I can see they aren’t. But you are acting like they aren’t a factor and you only care about the quality of the football. I’m saying that you and most other foreign fans on here wouldn’t have ended up supporting us if it wasn’t for the sustained period of success, because its results and style that have meant we’re one of the most supported teams in the world. If we’d played great stuff and not won anything like Spurs in the past few years we wouldn’t be where we are today


But before deciding for Arsenal, I decided to follow football but that wouldn’t have happened if I found the sport boring.
Thereafter I followed the club which was successfully implementing an attractive winning football.


I enjoyed when they played well.


So results are important for you then.


Not as much as being attractive.
Priority 1 - attractive football
Priority 2 - Results


That’s seems entirely fair and exactly what I’d expect. Glad to see you admit that results are also an important factor in which club you support, as well as attractive play


If you guys were given clean start with no affiliation or affection towards any club, would you support Barcelona or Chelsea?


Nottingham Forest


Probably Chelsea because I live in London and could go and watch them play sometimes, and have friends who support the same team.


Never denied that.
I am arguing against Entertainment being a bonus.

Entertainment shouldn’t be secondary to a ‘Football fan’


But it is a “bonus” for some people. You just have to accept that some people prioritise results over entertainment, it’s not an argument you can win because that’s simply a fact. Not everyone feels the same way as you.


And others think differently. Why not just accept that and get on with your day/life.


Whats the fun in not telling people that they suck?


Yeah my joy at winning a shitty scrappy undeserved 2-1 or 1-0 is still very high.

Ok sure, it’s the same kind of rush as when we dismantle some team with sick football but winning is winning and I still enjoy it as a “job done, 3 points is 3 points” smile on my face kind of thing.


You’re talking about the era when Arsenal still had the Invincibles and 49-streak ‘aura’ around them and were title contenders…


So Klopp is a tool, according to you.


Its how you behave when you’ve answered someone on here :rofl: