The Europa League Thread


That season where we were clearly the best team in Europe yet had nothing to show for it in continental competition


We scored the most goals. We reached the semi finals. But not a single one of our players made UEFA’s EL squad of the season :rofl:


Who really deserved to make it though ? We played basically reserves in the group stage… Jack & Ospina the only ones that played most of the games, would you have either in it ? Correct call I feel.


2 Sporting Lisbon players? They only played 6 fucking games! :rofl:


Never said it was. Defending can be nice to watch aswell but people don’t really pay money to watch blocking shots all game. They come for entertainment and goals


I see entertainment and goals as a nice bonus, but first and foremost I like to see results.



This is pretentious hard man equivalent of footballing opinion


So don’t watch the games and just check the results :smile:


I don’t see why you’d label that bollocks, lots of football fans think that way lol.

I’m also now trying to imagine what a pretentious hard man looks like. This is the closest I could come up with


Because Entertainment is what pulls us towards Sports in general; it is only later we groom ourselves into result oriented fans but a child is never attracted to the sport hearing ‘Oh shit, they won. I am so wet’.

Results are everywhere. Every sport has results in them but I am not a fan of curling or cricket or baseball as much as I am a fan of football; because those sport bore me & their result mean fuck all to me.

If results are paramount to someone, go stare at stock market index or as Luca said check results, don’t watch the game.

Entertainment is not a byproduct of sport, it is what makes the sport.


And ha what is that video


At the end of the day I’d rather win a boring 1-0 than lose a riveting 5-4, if you’d rather lose then no wonder you love Wenger so much. If you find things like dropping 4 goal leads at St James’s Park exciting then fair play to you.


Entirely disagree. When I was at primary school in East London nearly all the kids were Man U fans. Their tiny six and seven year old minds weren’t capable of separating good football from bad, they followed Man U because they were winning everything.

I also don’t understand why it would follow that if you are more concerned about results you should just check the final score and not watch the game, that’s such a stupid line of thinking. Someone primarily concerned by results will still want to see their team secure their result and caring mostly about the result doesn’t mean that you don’t take any enjoyment from flowing football and great goals, so the possibility of that will still entice results orientated people to watch

Edit: also why are you thinking about children getting wet you nonce?


Some of us didn’t have the luxury of shopping around for entertainment before being tied to a team. Football for me as long as I can remember is supporting Arsenal, not being a connoisseur of the purity of the football.

Once you back a team, you want to see your team do well. Being the better team and losing hurts, being the worst team and winning doesn’t. And in a big game magnify that by 10x.

There’s enough football from around the world on TV if you simply want entertainment for entertainments sake. I want to see Arsenal turn up every week, fight for the points and hopefully win, so I’d take someone like Simeone all day long, second only to Guardiola. And not because Guardiola plays pretty football, because his system often entails a supreme level of discipline ending in total domination of the whole game and seeing your team pull that off must be magical.


Nice football is a bonus. Football is about winning and not getting embarrassed by our rivals constantly. @wenger


I find that way of following a sport a chore rather than a pleasant part of your life.

We have a short life. I don’t want to waste it watching mediocre football even if glory is guaranteed.
That glory is not mine to be proud of.


There is a reason why the most successful clubs have the biggest following…the fact that they are situated in big cities is a smalle part in that. Most followers/fans of the big ten in Europese do so because of the success.


Also better football. Big club have better propensity to acquire quality players & assemble quality team which can bring out best of football.

Do people talk in adoration of Greece Euros or Portugal’s Euro win?
Or Do they talk about Brazil 02 or Holland’s total football or Spain beating Italy 4-0 with complete domination?

You guys are born with your clubs imprinted on you before you can make a choice.
But when you grow old, is your second team exciting Dortmund or boring Stoke?

Ask yourself & you will find Entertainment > Boring Results


If Arsenal weren’t hugely successful between 98 and 04 I very highly doubt that you’d be an Arsenal fan, good football or not.


I became the fan while Chelsea was dominant entity & United was largely popular.

I found Chelsea & Liverpool really boring to watch.