The Europa League Thread


Atletico have been crap, but everyone else has handed them the title with some dumbass mistakes.

From Sporting, to Arsenal and now Marseille.

Still a gulf in class, evidenced by the fact these teams are in the Europa.


Why is it a rule the CL teams who finish third in the group’s get in europa? Such a stupid rule. Yes I’m bitter


Not just being bitter, but I don’t think CL teams should drop into the Europa League. They are two separate competitions and should be treated as such.

Haha @Calum we both just basically asked the same question. Though you’re bitter and i’m not :laughing:


Yep I agree, I don’t think they should allow it. It makes zero sense to join a competition half way through, it’s just another way for UEFA to make a rather crap tournament seem more appealing. Of course they make more money from it too :grin:


think they should stop the CL teams entering but also make it harder to qualify for this.

Tme to equalise the competitions a bit more, bring them closer together like the old UEFA Cup days.

4th-6th in the league should qualify for UEFA cup in the top leagues at least.


CL must be the only competition to reward failure. Makes the EL look bad aswell IMO


Atletico are slowly becoming worse than Barca and Real in terms of hate. Cunts!


Payet in tears :sob: gutted for him


Ouch! Payet out injured!


That’s unlucky :confused:

Can’t see Marseille dominating the ball as much now


Simeone must be the luckiest manager in the world.


Deschamps is announcing his World Cup squad tomorrow. Wonder whether this will affect Payet’s chances :grimacing:


Atletico just provoking and losing time now. Bunch of thugs.
1-0 Atletico at HT. So dullllllll!




Are you watching the game?


Nah I just got up so will watch second half, but Simeone has achieved more than anyone last 5 years when you take into account budgets.


Greizzz lightning :zap::zap:

What a player


Lol! Another shit defending. Served them the cup on a plate.


We are not getting him :wink:


Who said we were?