The Europa League Thread


Our new manager + Sven’s summer of madness, we’ll do the Chavs in. :sanchez2:


'+ England had 5 teams making it ouf of group stage in the CL: Last season we made 24m more than ManUtd did.




I wouldn’t expect anything less from such corrupt institution.


So heard there is some European final tonight?

Should be us in it ffs :cry: bloody atlètico dropping into our cup and stealing our final place.

Come on Marseille!!


I think I saw that BT Sport are streaming this on YouTube for anyone who’s interested. It’s sure to be a classic!


Fuck this whole final


I forgot it was even happening tonight. Should it not be played at the end of the season? The La Liga and Ligue 1 season’s don’t finish until this weekend.

Apparently Atlético haven’t even sold out their allocation – yet they were moaning about not having enough tickets. They don’t deserve nice things.


Yeah if you want a full crowd announce your sacking your manager and you sell out in no time.


Wow that surprises me! I would’ve thought their small allocation would’ve be snapped up quickly. It’s hardly far for most Atletico fans to travel to!


Yeah, they made such a fuss about only being given 12,000 tickets as well, so it’s a little embarrassing.

Sid Lowe puts it down to being a midweek game and fans being afraid of the Marseille ultras.


That’s shocking if true hahaha


Hopefully Atletico win it, I’d rather be knocked out by the eventual winners + I love Simeone.


C’mon Marseille for sure!


Not sure that works when Simeone is the manager :mustafi:


This is the last year of that. From next season the EL final will be played three nights before the CL one


Puto Atletico! That’s it!



The Atletico headshots are all smiling, while Marseille look like they mean business :grin:

Also, what’s the significance of two of Marseille’s players having the silver background? Are they not worthy of gold?


cant watch this ! this should have been us FFS :bellerin: