The Europa League Thread


Costa celebrating in our stadium. Why does he hate us so much? Dick.


Credit to Atletico’s defence. I understand how they only conceded 4 at home in La Liga. They were so tight at the back, so many blocked shots or passes getting a little niggle slowing our play down. Not to mention Oblak, damn.

It was very very frustrating to watch as an Arsenal fan.


We won’t be leaving this thread anytime soon then.



They were nothing special today, we could have had 4 today




Dunno a more clinical team could have won that game 4-1 tbh.

Caveat is they were a man down.


Absolute shambles we’ll get done at theirs :disappointed:


So Marseille vs Atletico final, should be a relatively interesting final.


Reality has kind of set in that we blew our chance tonight. It’s pretty disappointing to send Arsene out like this but it’s absolutely emblematic of the way he’s managed the club into a morass like this over the last seven to ten years.

Oblak was incredible tonight.

I realize the goal conceded was the result of individual mistakes but I have to believe a different manager would have instructed his players to act differently in that game situation. Up 1-0 with ten minutes to play? Don’t do anything stupid. Possess the ball, pull them around a little, don’t take any chances and whatever you do, don’t get caught on the counter.

We did basically everything we shouldn’t have done and are very likely to get run at their place next week.


Let’s see. Hopefully Atletico players will think in this way.


Red Bull up.

2-0 Red Bull! ET now!


#JaSalzburgJa. :sunglasses:


See you in August. #WeGoAgain #Baku2019


Seriously? This comp is so small time. :rofl::rofl:




I think you’ll find Baku hosts one of the world’s finest football teams. So good they are even capable of scoring a fucking goal in Madrid.


Yeah, I forgot about Big Tone’s Gabala. :sunglasses:

HT In ET in the Marseille - Red Bull tie.


I back Salzburg, Marseille take the lead.


Marseille - Atletico final.


The Champions League final has been hosted in fucking Wales.


Is Kyiv better than Baku, btw?


Wales have a team in the greatest league in the world. :sanchez2: :wink:

Kyiv > Baku, Ukraine has footy pedigree. But, it’s only a venue so I suppose it doesn’t matter really. Could be held in Dubai or something.