The Europa League Thread


You gonna go to the game?

At least if we go out at this stage, it will be harder to justify Wenger staying on (I’m sure the fuckers will try though.)

Can’t say we were close to CL qualification for the 2nd year running if we didn’t even make the runner up spot.


Although it’s the worst draw for us, it is also the worst draw for them.

They would have wanted to avoid us and whoever wins this will be the clear favourites, so effectively this is almost like the final.

It could also decide Wenger’s future as manager.


Whoever wins will be favourites for the final, though I think an Arsenal vs Marseille Final would be pretty close to a 50-50.


Really not sure. Golden chance to go the Wanda as I’ve still not gone and been waiting for a time when I could be fucked to go dedicate a few hours to Atlético, but yeah, the fact I’m not sure if I want us to win really puts me back. I also have to be in Mallorca that weekend not sure if I’ll leave Thursday or Friday morning. Decisions decisions… :thinking:

Can Wenger please, please, just announce that he’s leaving at the end of the season? I’ll go then and root as if I were @Luca_from_Italy


Playing Atletico over two legs is about the only thing that could give this competition some validity.

The EL has gone from mostly a waste of time to having potentially our biggest European night(s) in years. There’s no way 20000 people are staying at home for this.

I’m excited for these games now.

And in the Wenger Simeone battle, I have a feeling that Wenger will surprise us.


Why are Atletico and AC Milan in the same sentence? Milan are fucking garbage that we should have been expecting to beat handsomely. Atletico are clear favourites by comparison. That would be the true scalp.


Hopefully Wenger will get his shit right for this game otherwise it will be bye bye Wenger !! As much as I respect Wenger can see this comp being make or break for him !! Hopefully we win this competition and he calls it a day !!


Leave it out with this shit, please.


Well this is pretty much a Champions League knock out game, lets see what happens!




I’m not saying they’re not substantial opposition, I’m saying they’re not unbeatable for us.


I suppose this weeks European games have shown no one is unbeatable.


Because not wanting Arsenal to win their first European trophy in 24 years (what would be the most prestigious European trophy we’ve ever won) is fucking nonsense coming from an Arsenal fan.

If we lose to Atletico and Wenger stays anyway I’ll be sure to remind you what a cunt you are lol


From BBC live page:


Yeah I think it’s about 75-25 Atletico’s way, if we played 4 times we’d probably progress once.


Good. Underdog status.


What a load of shit.


Yeah I’d love to see how they work out them percentages.

There’s a few accounts on Twitter who I see work out each teams percentage chance of qualifying. I don’t doubt their research but it’s not something you can really quantify lol


Hopefully we’ll bang these fckrs outta the competition. Have faith in us to progress !!


We have a good chance at this one to weasel our way back into CL. Come on Gunners!!