The Europa League Thread


It seems natural to me. The winners, Arsenal, and the rest? What’s so wrong with that?


Who ever wins this tie has been drawn as the “away” team for the final.


Let’s be real we will give up 2 horrid goals at home, then battle admirably in Madrid before ultimately exiting.


No matter how badly they have been in recent weeks I feel like we don’t have enough to take them down


These times I rue the fact that Atletico are even in this competition. They’re such a standout favourite. It’s a really bad match up for us but I suppose highly intriguing as well. Wish it were the final.


The second leg being away is a bit of a killer. Just rest everyone in the PL, especially the ones made of glass like Kos and Ramsey. We have Man United in between the two legs, just give United the 3-0 win and be done with it.

It’s not ideal, but we shouldn’t be scared. None of this “we’re done” attitude. We’re not done. Would rather it be the final, but I’m still quite excited – Champions League esque semi final in the Europa League.


Sucks we’re at home first yeah. But it’s a great fucking tie. Let’s do this.


We were always going to have to beat them to win this cup. Whatever else, its a hugely exciting European tie, looking forward to it.


When United play reserves they beat us, so maybe we can return the favour yeah ?


Good. Best chance of beating them over two legs.


I would rather face them to win it you know. Nobody can talk shit about us or the Europa league run if we beat Atletico and AC Milan to win It.

Preferably the final but oh well. And the away game being 2nd ffs.

And yeah patch that United game, we lost to them when they played Rafael Fabio O’Shea and Gibson in midfield, were not beating them anyways


Beating Atletico and lose to Salzburg in the final would be horrendous :smiley:


I think we’ve built the obstacle of playing Atletico up in our own minds because they are the only club of similar stature. They’re far from invincible themselves, as last night showed.



No we haven’t, they have made 2 Champions League Finals and a Semi Final in the last 5 years, also won La Liga.


But this year have been nowhere near as good.


Yep. They are in the Europa for a reason at the end on the day.


They had a disastrous Champions League campaign no doubt, still be pretty good in La Liga only 2 defeats ?


Ahh well, we’ve got to play them at some point. At least when we lose, it won’t be so embarrassing given they’re a big team :mkhi:

Seriously, I don’t mind at this point. We’d just he putting off the inevitable if we progressed had we’d been given Marseille. Let’s smash these cunts.


I fucking knew it. Been waiting for years for Arsenal to come to Spain (been 7 years now FFS!) and of course not only do they come to Spain but they come to my city the one year I don’t even think I can really root for us to win. :unamused: