The Europa League Thread




Maybe someone can do his right one as well.


Crazy week of European football continues even in the Europa League :eyes:


Looking like an Emirates Cup line up :mustafi:


No doubt fifa will do their best to make sure we get an athletico vs arsenal final.


What time is the EL draw?


Think they said the CL one was an hour later on BT Sport last night, and then showed that programme as starting at 12. Which probably means their draw is at like half 12.

So I’m gonna say 11.30. Fact


Can’t see the draw live cause work so I just know I’m gonna check my phone later and we’ll have Atletico :joy:


Is it better to play Atletico over two legs or in a one off game? Seeing mixed opinions on Twitter

I’d prefer a one off game


Always better to play a side that’s superior to you in a one off game rather than over 180 minutes.


Yeah that’s my view too.

But the argument the other way seems to be that Atletico’s sit back and win 1-0 approach would work better for them in a one off game. Plus two legs won’t be as tense as one and if you mess up, you have another 90 minutes to put it right, and given the games this week, they may have a point :laughing:


Whoever did that poster is stupid why not have the Europa logo in the middle. That way you have two teams either side rather than arsenal and the rest. That’s why it looks like emirates cup line up



Ah well. Let’s do them!


That could have gone better :slight_smile:




On the plus side, the final will be pretty straightforward for the winner :smile:


This is our final


Fucking UEFA lol I knew that was gonna happen .

Oh well let’s see what happens.

Need our FA cup performances Vs City and Chelsea to go through.


Oh ffs! I knew it :joy:

Gonna have to be 100% on it to go through.


Worst possible draw, toughest opponent and the 2nd leg away. We Simply must keep a clean sheet at home to have any chance of winning this tie.