The Europa League Thread


Sporting handed Atletico the two goals. Think we can take them, especially in a neutral ground in a final.


That Griezman though


Anyone else actually really enjoying this competition now that we are in it and seem to have a chance?

A bit of a relief after getting battered senseless by Bayern, Barcelona and the likes each year in the CL.


That is what a counter attacking team does; anticipate on mistakes of the opponent. We’re going to walk against a wall if we play them.


But if you screw your eyes tight, you can see Mustafi doing just that too.


If Lisbon has better forwards they could haven’t gotten a goal, after all they had more shoots and possession


Yeah but those two goals they gave away were just piss poor. Yes I can see us doing the same with Mustafi always on the verge of madness. However they were outplayed bar two gifts. We can take these guys, they aren’t that good imo.


Sporting chairman has suspended 19 first-team players for their league match this weekend. Including Bas Dost and Coentrao.




Because they responded to one of his rants about thursday’s performance on Facebook.


Unless he’s suspending them without pay, I fail to see what he stands to gain by that.


If this is true, it seems a silly risk to make. They’re already guaranteed EL football, but they’re only 5 points behind Porto for that second CL place. He surely won’t go ahead with it, with that much at stake?


Read they are gonna play their youth+few first team players in the league (the ones who didn’t protest against their chairman).


Let’s hope both the 2 Red Bull teams go through today.


Leipzig already up.

1-1 Marseille! Great start to the game!

Wow! What a turnaround from Marseille now! 2-1!

What a save from Oblak here!


Wow 3-1




Any videos of Oblak’s save? According to Twitter, it was amazing…