The Europa League Thread


Who invited you to the party? :grin:

By the way, the away leg will likely be a pretty early KO, right? Afternoon off work it is.


Lokomotiv 0 Arsenal 0
CSKA 1 Arsenal 0
Spartak 4 Arsenal 1

I’d stay in work if I were you :stuck_out_tongue: Id probably give up my pay to avoid having to watch us play away in russia too! :speak_no_evil:


It’s OK, they’ve released the schedule. All 8.05pm kickoffs so I’ll be able to join the torture chamber with everyone else. I like being able to express my masochist nature as often as possible :smile:


So what kind of lead do we need to bring to Russia to have a ‘comfortable’ night?

3-0 minimum?


Wenger really was shit in the CL in his early years (tbh every year bar 2006-2010 really) wasn’t he?


I’d assume one of two of these games were a final round group stage match where we’d send out the fodder/kids. Reckon we’ll do 'em home and away


Look at the fucking state of this


Not sure whats worse, the 4 clear cut chances in the video or that fact Aliadiere played for us.


LOL I remember that Rosicky miss


I remember watching that and raging all over the place punching chairs and shit when Cesc missed that chance, plus Henry’s few.


Was it a crucial game for us?


Nah just a group game but after having lost the cl the year before I was desperate for us to smash it in 06-07.

Won’t mention my feelings after the PSV games.


Alas not! The CSKA game was in October and was in the middle of the schedule, in fact we bored the football world to tears with a back to back 1-0 loss away and 0-0 at ‘Emirates Stadium’

Loko really was not all that loco, a tepid affair preceded by my purse getting stolen on the Moscow subway and followed by getting propositioned by a Russian gangster. Oh and we’d just got walloped 3-0 at home by Inter. Proper rubbish season that turned out to be


Arsenal 3 - 0 CSKA
CSKA 0/1 - 0/1 Arsenal

Hopefully the people that go at least get rewarded with a goal




That game was something else. Beautiful football coupled with enormous frustration. Our xG must have been in orbit.


If only we had Welbeck back then to put all those chances away.


Young Fabregas :heart_eyes:


Henry…just disgusting so so so so fucking wasteful, shouldda been benched :henry2:


3-0 should be enough. The must is not to concede.