The Environment thread

I never voted for him :rage:.

Someone sued our govt to find out and they didn’t win. So we are on track, according to our own courts.

Plus emissions targets are just the popular CC issue. Just one of many and NZ is responsible for about 0.5 of total worldwide emissions, so even being effective is only effective in a relative sense.

So, random private individuals break the rules? Not saying CFP is perfect, it’s just a really simple and well-established example of an area of environmental management.

The implication was that the world is basically ignoring an impending crisis, my argument is that the body of international law and the parties to many of those conventions suggests otherwise.

What makes you think right-leaning governments are worse for the environment?

I’m yet to see the evidence that left-leaning governments have a better understanding of the environmental challenges and how to solve them.

Well, while it may be an oversimplification then to characterise it as a fault of either ‘left’ or ‘right’ wing politics, it’s certainly a conclusion many might come to when based on the influence of just two men alone: Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro. I’m sure you’ll agree their rise to prominence is unfortunate and disproportionately damaging given their actual intelligence and brief role in human history. Not to say that leftist predecessors like Rousseff were perfect.

I’m tempted to lump the current idiot in charge of Australia with them as well :laughing: his short-sighted displays of late are also damaging on the world stage, as a Western ally

Find me a left wing government that carries as much of a global environmental threat as Bolsonaro’s ‘Alliance for Brazil’, if you can?

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@Aussiegooner and his mates been clouding up our sky.

These pics were taken at about 5pm local time. I’m about 45 mins from the West Coast of NZ.

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Still looks better than the sky we get over here, mate :joy:

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What town you in pal ? Wonder if I drove through it or near it a few weeks ago ?

I’m in Hamilton, just over an hour south of Auckland.

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That is a huge expenditure to have on something that didn’t have even 50% of the throughput it was deemed to have had.

I like how their competitors just came from behind and overtook them for cost per watt.
Reduced it to 10% from where they started.

Attenborough speaks. Time to listen.


2 minute video and he only mentioned one actual practical climate change thing. People listen to him though because he made a living talking about animals lol

Like I’ve said, there is plenty going on in the climate space and most of these celebs act like legitimately nothing is being done, which is just not accurate.

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I personally don’t see it as right v left in this regard because I think the left have no idea about climate change and neither do the right.

It’s not a political issue unless taking care of things you care about is something you consider to be optional.

I’d love to know if there are many countries where the climate change deniers are the people on the left wing and those talking about the threat to our environment are on the right. Doesn’t tend to feel like it’s ever that way round to me.

Still waiting.

It’s an unfair question tho because of course there is none

It’s not an unfair question, but it isnt a very good one.

I was the one who said neither side really has any idea. Whereas you are the one trying to make it a right v left discussion.

If you want to talk right v left politics on climate change then I’m not really that keen.

If you want to talk about the substantial body of climate change legislation and management mechanisms in place for climate and climate related issues, then I’d be more game.

I feel like I gave you more than enough tangible examples in my post above for you to not have to hang on so hard to one line of your response lol

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Well you did say this to help prompt the question from Robin, so it’s not exactly unreasonable that she might think that you were willing to engage with her on the climate through the prism of left vs right, and therefore be hopeful that you’d answer her question. Because engaging with her on the environment through the prism of left vs right is what it looks like you are doing in the quoted part above.

Except that I was talking quite specifically about things actually going on in the climate space generally and not right v left and then Robin responded to my post with this:

To which I basically said it’s not a right v left thing. All of my questions about what time frame we should be aiming for were ignored and it becomes “who is worse than Trump for the environment” despite the fact I was discussing carbon targets, international agreements and even the CFPs.

So yeah, if you read things in the form of small snippets of quotes, then your mind may think one way but that’s why we read the whole conversation.

The basic point is that Robin is holding onto one small question while ignoring other actually important parts of the discussion.

Or perhaps not everyone agrees with what you think is important, or wants to discuss the precise things you do. Conversations and debates are a two way thing, the terms aren’t solely dictated by you.

I did actually did read the whole conversation, for what it’s worth. I highlighted that specific part as it very much looked like you engaging in the left vs right dichotomy (because that’s exactly what you were doing in that moment), and I was saying that that engagement might be why it’s not entirely clear to everyone that you aren’t interested in discussing that particular aspect. I’m not just reading snippets, I didn’t highlight all of the parts that didn’t look like you engaging in the left vs right thing, because it wouldn’t be of any use to explaining why I think Robin might have hoped for an answer from you. Which I think would have been pretty evident, but maybe not.

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