The Conservative Party

Die die die die die and never come back you fucking pile of SHITE


Almost half Tory members want merger with Reform UK, poll suggests, as leadership infighting escalates

Nothing more to be said.


The conservatives are going to be a mess for years to come.

They aren’t getting back into power at the next GE lol

Even at current numbers a Tory, Lib Dem and Reform coalition couldn’t challenge Labour :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I don’t think it even requires a formal merger. Get Farage into the Conservative Party and Reform will wither away entirely as an entity in parliament at the next election.



I think Labour will comfortable hold at the next GE if we have a much stronger economy / economic outlook in 4-5 years time.

Ultimately people only really want a change of government when the economy starts to fail and because we’ve got such a high tax burden, with such a crazy cost of living we were always going to see a change at this GE.


Would Farage be happy to take on a less controversial role though, which would surely be part of the agreement to join them…

I think he enjoys being the man responsible for the Tory losses, fighting perceived adversity, and generally going against the grain.

If they don’t fight (and defeat) Reform, I think they’d permanently lose a lot of voters without strong right-wing views.
Whereas long term you would expect Reform voters to get bored of not winning and prefer conservative policies over the labour/lib dem equivalents.

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Pretty similar to UKIP in the lead up to Brexit but the difference is now people in the red wall have no reason to vote Tory anymore so they’re done in those areas but Reform is more than viable and would have likely won more seats if Tory candidates had stood down

There is a path to power for the Tories in 2029 via a deal with reform who can act as their northern attack dog on Labour re immigration and taxes but I doubt the pride of Tories would ever allow them to stand down candidates.

Based on what I’ve seen so far Tories seem to be embracing NIMBYism in opposition which should result in more gains in the Shires

Hope this low growth NIMBYism gets laughed out and battered because we are in a low growth state.

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She’ll be in Reform before the end of the year.

I think most of the Tory crazies will end up there.


The odious little weasel was at the RNC the other day, doing a speech that apparently no one turned up to lol

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