The Champions League Thread

You should be getting paid for all the promo you’re doing :joy:

Too bad FSG are cheapskates

That’s what makes it all the more impressive, maintaining top 5 status with owners like they have.

Klopp really is a GOD.

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So much scum in the stands Jesus Christ. These are the cunts I wanna parade the Italy euro trophy in front of. Wankers.

We could have signed Nkunku for £16mil FFS


Charles De Ketelaere and Noa Lang. Snap them up!

Uufff that cross to grioud was sexy

Ancelotti is done out here

Definitely one of the best candidates ro replace Arteta. :+1:

Such a strange appointment from the very beginning. Never understood it.

He’s a yes man that’s happy to be there and he took a pay cut too I think lol

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Maybe not. Rodrygo 1-0.

That’s a gut punch for Inter, the better side all match.

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The 2 sexys came on for milan and were invisible. Damn it

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Nah, he’s still done haha I was thinking they’d do a smash and grab but that kinda says it all really

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Camavingas play for that goal is precisely what arsenal miss from a midfielder. Love that.

More disappointment for Inter in the CL, imagine they go out group stages again ? Would that be the 3rd season in a row ? Early days I know.

Underwhelming start for the big 3 with a poor draw in Belgium.

Came to see M N M play sexy football, but ended up having a newfound fondness for the Brugge team of young players. Man City, Leipzig, PSG and Brugge…I think PSG could find themselves fighting for P2.

Noa Lang @Bl1nk @SDGooner…you heard anything about this Dutch youngster?

@Aussiegooner is absolutely right.

Liverpool are every bit a powerhouse as anyone and I wouldn’t be surprised if they win number 7.

They sorted their CB situation. They just need another great striker and maybe some depth for Mane in case his bad form continues.

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They are all good for a couple more years then they’ll be screwed

Their owners are doing bare minimum

If FSG sell up it could be an even longer way back for us and the rest.
It’s a huge brand in reality. The takers would be really big you’d have to think.

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