The Champions League Thread

I hope no one decided to watch a Porto vs Chelsea borefest.

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Navas is such an underrated goalkeeper, always seems to be perform well in the big games.


Nice to see a big blunder from the Bayern keeper for the 1st goal.

I really wanna see Bayern v City

I’m sure one person on the forum did :joy:

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I take it you mean me?

I had both matches on actually, but didn’t particularly watch either of them as I was working, if that’s ok with you?

Be better off having Bayern vs PSG on both screens :grin:


The f*ck you on about?

I meant me. Couldn’t find a stream for the Bayern game.

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@Phoebica had Friends or Leo on the other screen, for sure.

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That goal from Chillwell was tasty

Can’t believe we get BT over this gold :joy::joy::joy:


I love Micah Richards laugh. Kills me everytime.


So who goes through from here ? PSG or Bayern ?

PSG, but what would it matter? They’re essentially fighting over who gets knocked out by City.

No chance Pep doesn’t win this. If he fucks it up again he might as well retire.

14 goals in 4 games. There will be more than that next week imo.

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I wouldn’t say it’s a forgone conclusion, city weren’t anywhere near their best against Dortmund.

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Didn’t watch the game (PSG vs Bayern) but seen the highlights, looked an exciting game. Definitely more goals to come in the second leg, but my boy Poch got PSG firing will be interesting to see how far he can take them.

Alright Pochettino, finish these fools.

Nothing is more pandemic football than fans setting off fireworks outside the stadium lol