The Champions League Thread

Muller Ballon d’Or guaranteed and also well deserved

Nah. Trophy not that heavy.

You sure? I doubt Belerrin will ever be able it up by himself.

Bayern got that good juice.


Crap player, who needs steroids to make up for the fact that he struggles to control a ball.

Real footballers should look like Mahrez and Busquets.



The Bayern machine is surely running in juice

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Coutinho just looks fatter, but I guess he’s only been there a year


Benfica - PAOK anyone? :pepe1:

Benfica demolishing PAOK in everything but goals, probably 75% possession for over an hour, and then PAOK scores.

I’ll keep talking to myself, no worries peeps. I miss Luca, he would’ve been here with me.


Are these games 2 legs or just one off ties ?

1 leg. Unfortunately for Benfica.


I really hope two legged European football dies!

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Man I was hoping Benfica would do better this season, but I guess they’ll have to focus on taking the league back from Porto instead of prancing around in Europe.

Good for Arsenal’s old perpetual loanee Chuba Akpom who had a mostly anonymous game for PAOK before getting subbed off at the end there, the road to glory lies before him :pepe1:

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They just hold my beer’d Celtic haha.