The Champions League Thread

You need to back your boys more than this!

Atletico are washed, Liverpool are the best team in Europe.

Will be easier for them than it looks on paper imo.


Atleti should beat the bastards.


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They did the last time they played in Europe anyway.

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More games. Just what we need.

Good lord at this point we’ll need squads as big as a baseball or American football team.

It used to have 4 more matches and two group stages until it got changed for the 03/04 season.

If it replaces the League Cup then this is a great move.

You always say the group stage is boring though.

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So are they adding more pointless teams or what are they suggesting?

I’d rather watch local teams play Arsenal than play random Russian teams.

If it’s a threat to the efl it must happen early on in the season? I guess a new way of seeding groups through matches?

It wouldn’t replace the league cup, the proposal is that teams who are in the Champions League will be exempt from it that season.

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It is but only for other clubs.

I’d happily watch arsenal in the CL more than arsenal in the LC


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They’ll appeal it and have it overturned in 15 seconds flat

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Yes they’ll appeal. But let’s be glass half full here – finishing 5th is achievable!

Man City will get banned and we’ll get 6th just you watch :joy:

On goal difference :rofl:

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Is it confirmed the fifth placed team will take their place?

No but surely it must be? The PL gets 4 places, so surely if one of those teams can’t fulfil that obligation, the next team down gets it?