The Champions League Thread


Just once I’d like to do a random bet like this and win. What a fucking bet!

This guy had it but didn’t go through with it… How gutted would you be :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


True tbh, City are favourites for me.


It’s now or never for them because Real is going on a madness this summer and will be back as favourite next season.


Doubt it.


City, Barca, Liverpool & Juve are clearly the 4 best sides left in it, but who knows what the Quarter Final draw will throw up.


Porto or Ajax is trending :rofl::rofl::rofl:


City on their A game perhaps but there’s something about this competition that rattles them and has eluded Pep since Barca.

Will be interesting to see what they’re made of going forward.


I’m watching the highlights now. Some thoughts.

Salah is quality as an assister for Mane. Great stuff.

Gnabry seemed to rinse Robertson for the first 45. exactly the kind of winger we could do with :santi:

VVD is a monster in the air. Hummel’s and Martinez in him, batted them away like they were flies.

Steve Mcmanaman is a real cretin.

Lyons goalie could have done better for a few of Barcelona’s goals.

Messi’s pass to Pique was sublime.




My order of preference to win CL Barca, Ajax, Porto, Juve, Man City, Liverpool, United & Spurs


Barca ahead of Ajax? Get him @Bl1nk


They are all cocky cunts, except Ajax. Unacceptable @Aussiegooner


Purely because I want Messi to equal Cristiano for CL titles won, absolutely no other reason.


Ah now you have me on your side.


He can do that next year when Ajax have been rinsed.


Ajax, Porto, Barcelona, Juventus, Liverpool, City, United, Tottenham.

Stop with the Likes already, it’s too much


My preference is not Tottenham, not Tottenham, not Tottenham, not Tottenham, not Tottenham, not Tottenham, not Tottenham, Manchester United


Perm anyone of the 6 ahead of city and the spuds.


With so many decisions going for them this season, I fully expect spurs to get the easiest draw.


My preference to win the CL: